Quest:The Prisoner Returns

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The Prisoner Returns
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Langfirth
Starts at Faldham
Start Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [54.6S, 57.6W]
Quest Chain Faldham
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My focus lies upon the Nink-hai Orcs, plotting and scheming in the eastern mountain passes. They are a new but unsettling threat to the Elfward. There is but one course of action if we are ever to delay their treachery: to confront and defeat their leader.

'You must breach the enemy camp, <name>. Locate and overthrow the Nink-hai task-master. His defeat should throw the lackeys into a state of panic and chaos, granting us an opportunity to better prepare our defences before dealing with the rest.'


The Nink-hai threat looms ever present. Langfirth believes that the only solution will be to defeat the Nink-hai Orc's task-master.

Objective 1

  • Enter the Nink-hai camp and locate their leader

Explore the Nink-hai camp along the mountain path east of Faldham.

Langfirth has asked you to infiltrate the Orc camp and overthrow the leader of the tribe.

Objective 2

The Nink-hai leader can be found at the end of the mountain pass in the mountains.

Langfirth has asked you to infiltrate the Orc camp and defeat the leader of the tribe.

You have encountered Dargum, the Nink-hai leader
Dargum says, "We meet again, <race>. I must thank you for having allowed me to escape from Stangard."
Dargum says, "Do you realize the destruction you could have prevented had you simply finished me when you could have?"
Dargum says, "No matter, I have been summoned to the side of my wise master. You will not capture me a second time."
Dargum says, "Grazadh! Take care of our little problem. They must not return to their friends in the village below."
Grazadh says, "Ah, I've been waiting for some action!"
You have defeated Grazadh, but Dargum has escaped

Objective 3

  • Return to Langfirth and inform him of Dargum's escape

Langfirth awaits oustide the mead hall of Faldham.

Langfirth will wish to know of the events that transpired when you confronted the Nink-hai leader.

Langfirth: "It is regretable that their leader was able to flee, but if this Dargum has truly fled from the Nink-hai encampment, the result is much the same to me. Without a task-master's commands, the remnants of their tribe will likely disband their plot and set out for easier prey.
'Knowing that this danger has subsided, I must now concentrate entirely on the coming siege of Faldham. Praise upon you, <name>. You are a worthy ally.'