Quest:The Perfect Picnic

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The Perfect Picnic
Level Scaling
Type Festival
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Autobestowed
Starts at Green Hill Country
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [32.8S, 65.8W]
Quest Chain Summer: The Perfect Picnic
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'What a grand day for a picnic! Mayor Will Whitfoot has decided to join you for a delicious feast upon his favourite hill in all the Shire!'


What a grand day for a picnic!

Objective 1

Talk to Farmer Fosco Farfield and Mayor Will Whitfoot.

Farmer Fosco Farfield: 'If you wish to borrow old Penny here for your picnic, I see no problem with that. She's a good-natured thing, and will trot right along if you are good to her. There are carrots up the way as make a good travelling snack. Steer clear of clover, though, or she'll be all day about it!
'Do see that she stops and cools down at both the stream and the watering hole along the way. I want her hale and hearty tomorrow for apple-picking. Now if you'll excuse me, it's hotter than a Took's oven out here! Why you and the Mayor chose today for your outing is beyond me!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot: 'There you are, <name>! I was beginning to wonder where you had got to. Well, but I ought to say thank you for inviting me along, all the same! Now we had better get a move on. We have a way to go - and none too swiftly, either, if we stumble across many nosy folk along the way - and I should like to have finished eating before afternoon tea!
'As you can see, I have gathered us quite a spread. Now you help gather up and load these things on the pony while I try to think what's missing. I feel quite certain I am forgetting something of great importance!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Now, what was it I forgot? Hmm..."

Objective 2

  • Gather up the picnic supplies (0/5)

Gather up the picnic supplies.

Farmer Fosco Farfield: 'Like I said, be good to Penny and she'll be good to you. Feed her carrots but avoid clover patches if you ever want to get where you're going!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot: 'Well come on now, gather the things up and load them on the pony while I think. It isn't easy, trying to remember what you've forgot!'
Gathered picnic supplies (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Load Penny with the picnic supplies

Pack your supplies on Penny.

Mayor Will Whitfoot: 'Now don't drop anything. Quick, load the pony with all that!'
Penny: You carefully load up Fosco Farfield's pony with the picnic things, and are soon quite ready to set off for the picnicking spot.

Objective 4

  • Reach the stream and cool off


Reach the stream with Penny and cool off. Don't get caught up by any Chatty Hobbits. They'll only slow you down!

To the picnic spot!
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Why that's it. I forgot my hat!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "I will meet you there. It is important to keep the sun out of my eyes while I eat!"
'It sure is hot out!'
Chatty Hobbit says, "Let me tell you about the weather..."
Chatty Hobbit says, "Hullo! Where are you going?"
Chatty Hobbit says, "Have you heard the latest on those Sackville-Bagginses?"
Chatty Hobbit says, "It is all true, mark my words."
Chatty Hobbit says, "You are such a good listener!"
Chatty Hobbit says, "I have even more to tell you, if you wish to hear it!"
Chatty Hobbit says, "Fine I will leave, but this is highly inhospitable!"
Chatty Hobbit says, "Fine, I shall gossip elsewhere."
Chatty Hobbit says, "How rude."
Thwarted a Chatty Hobbit!
'This heat is troublesome!'
'Penny has reached the stream!'

Objective 5

  • Cool off at the next watering hole
  • Pick carrots for Penny (0/8)
  • Penny must not succumb to the heat!

Reach the watering hole with Penny and get some more relief from the heat.

Hobbit says, "Leaving already?"
'A refreshing dip in the stream was just the thing!'
'Oh my! Is that a mirage?!'
'These mirages keep getting bigger!'
Picked carrot (8/8)
'Penny has reached the watering hole!'

Objective 6

Feed Penny some carrots.

'This watering hole has given you the strength to continue, but Penny looks hungry!'
Penny: Penny is well fed, rested, and ready for the final leg of the expedition!

Objective 7

  • Reach the perfect picnic spot


  • Remove distracting clover from the path
  • Penny must not succumb to the heat!

Reach the perfect picnic spot with Penny. The clover along the way might distract her and cause a delay!

Removed some clover
'What ho! The final climb to the perfect picnic stop awaits!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "You made it! What took you so long?"
'There it is! The best spot for a picnic in all the Shire!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "No matter least I found my hat."

Objective 8

  • Unpack the pony

You have reached the picnic spot and found Will Whitfoot waiting. Time to unpack the picnic things and lay out the feast!

Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Hey presto!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Let us get this picnic underway. I am famished!"
Penny: Somehow the provisions survived the heat, water, mirages, and the winding path up road and hill in perfect condition. Quickly, and hungrily, you lay the things out on the blanket Mayor Whitfoot has spread.

Objective 9

  • Have a picnic on the picnic blanket


  • Thwart Hungry Hobbits with a light slap
  • Do not let your food get eaten by Hungry Hobbits, eaten by bugs, or ruined and soggy from the rains!

Have a picnic on the picnic blanket.

Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "How many Hobbits did we invite? There might not be enough food!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Uninvited guests?!"
'Approaching hungry hobbit are after the picnic!'
Hungry Hobbit says, "For me? You shouldn't have!"
Hungry Hobbit says, "I am sure I was invited."
Hungry Hobbit says, "What a feast!"
Hungry Hobbit says, "Those pies look delicous!"
Hungry Hobbit says, "Do not mind if I do."
'You lost some food!'
Hungry Hobbit says, "Simply delicious!"
Hungry Hobbit says, "I shall go home."
Hungry Hobbit says, "If you put it that way..."
Hungry Hobbit says, "No food for me then?"
Hungry Hobbit says, "So very sorry."
Hungry Hobbit says, "Oh my, how rude of me."
Thwarted a Hungry Hobbit!
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "I do not like small crawling things and do not wish to share my food with them!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Oh bother, these bugs look to ruin my meal!"
'Oh no! Bugs!'
Hungry Beetle says, "Munch munch!"
Hungry Crawler says, "Munch munch!"
'You lost some food!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "If you please, I would like to eat!"
'Don't let the rain ruin your picnic!'
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, ": Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "My hat will keep me dry, but not the food!""
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "My hat will keep me dry, but not the food!"

Objective 10

  • Enjoy a lovely picnic

Have a lovely picnic with not a single interruption.

Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Why look! A rainbow!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Finally, time to eat and enjoy the day!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Lovely, just lovely!"
The picnic has been saved. The rain even cooled things down!
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Simply grand!"
Mayor Will Whitfoot says, "Delicous!"
Delicous! Delightful! Perfection!
The Perfect Picnic
Mayor Will Whitfoot: 'Now that was a delicious feast, and well worth the adventure. Perhaps we shall go on another picnic again soon!'