Quest:The Mightiest Blow (Expert)

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The Mightiest Blow (Expert)
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gísli Strongclub
Starts at The Festival Arena
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.3W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings to you again, <name>. Not all the glorious beer has run dry, and there is a chance of getting another glass before the year is out! You remember how to obtain this prize, do you not? I shall remind you. The trick is to best all others who covet this brew -- and I expect there will be many. No beer in the world is as golden, deep, or mellow. It is smooth, dark, and frothy; it chills the tongue and warms the heart.

'If you wish to stand a chance at all, you should wield a mighty dwarf-club and keep the others away. Make sure you are ready to fight before you enter the arena! If you leave the bounds, you will be immediately disqualified. Good luck to you, <name>!'

NOTE: The mighty dwarf-club will appear in your inventory. You should quickslot it to participate in the fight. This item cannot be used outside of the arena's bounds.


You have been challenged to enter the glorious beer contest in Thorin's Hall, where the mighty compete for prizes and glory.

Objective 1

  • Enter the fight-arena before the fight begins. Do not leave the bounds

The fight-arena is the lowered floorspace in the center of the arena, marked by green banners. The dwarf-club is in your inventory.

Gísli Strongclub has given you an excellent weapon with which to earn your prize. You should enter the fight-arena below while wielding your mighty dwarf-club.

Gísli Strongclub: 'Now that you wield the mighty dwarf-club, you should enter the fight-arena and show others your strength! Stop at nothing, <name>; do not let them deter you from your charge!'
Now you should slot your club as a skill -- the fight will begin soon

Objective 2

  • Slot the dwarf-club in your skills and wait for the fight to begin

The fight-arena's bounds are in the centre of the ale-hall at Thorin's Hall, marked by green banners.

You should wait for the fight to begin.

WARNING: If you leave the fight-arena and the contest begins, you will fail the quest.
Bar Fight Announcer says, "One minute until the bar fight begins, friends!"
Bar Fight Announcer says, "Is everyone ready?"
Bar Fight Announcer says, "Get set...."
Bar Fight Announcer says, "Fight!"
The fight has begun! You may begin swinging

Objective 3

  • Collect the glorious beer before the others get the last of it
  • Give fellow players a whack for good measure (0/8)
  • Do not leave the fight-arena

Show everyone that you are a mighty competitor, give the other participants a good whack and send them reeling!

Some competitors may stop moving to take the glorious beer, knock them while you can!

Bar Fight Announcer says, "Just a few moments left, and then you must drop your bats!"
Bar Fight Announcer says, "Excellent fight, good patrons! Please join in the next round, which will commence in a few minutes."

Objective 4

Gísli Strongclub is in the arena at Thorin's Hall.

You should speak with Gísli Strongclub to boast of your excellence in the glorious beer event.

Gísli Strongclub: 'Marvelously done, <name>! Marvelously done indeed. Might I...have a sip of that beer? If you are willing to share, I shall give you a grand gift.'