Quest:The Legacy of Sirgon

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The Legacy of Sirgon
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Faltharan
Starts at Pelargir
Start Region Pelargir
Map Ref [83.8S, 33.3W]
Ends with Faltharan
Ends at Pelargir
End Region Pelargir
Map Ref [83.8S, 33.3W]
Quest Group Pelargir
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'<name>, we haven't much time left. The Gondorian Army intends to make its way upriver towards Pelennor. It pains me to say this, but we must abandon the city until the fighting is resolved.

'I intend to send the surviving refugees to Dol Amroth, along with my family. I know that they will not like the news, but I would ask that you deliver it to them. Your actions have earned my trust, and I'm sure theirs as well.'


Faltharan is concerned with how his family feels about recent events, as well as their thoughts on the location of Lord Sirgon.

Objective 1

  • Assist Celebros
  • Assist Siriel
  • Assist Lorvegil

Faltharan's family is located in the market east of Tol Ciryarani.

You should assist Faltharan's kin with their tasks.

Assisted Celebros
Assisted Siriel
Assisted Lorvegil

Objective 2

  • Talk to Faltharan

Faltharan is located at the steps to Tol Ciryarani.

You should speak with Faltharan.

Faltharan: Faltharan listens intently to what his family told you.
'Hmm... I understand. I'm not that surprised by how they all feel. There is much I would love to do before departing the city, but we do not have the time for everything.
'I will be attending to the preparations. If my family has any tasks for you, then I would ask that you offer your assistance.'