Quest:The Fall of Thaurlach

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The Fall of Thaurlach
Level 50
Type Raid
Starts with
Broken Chain Link-icon.png
Broken Chain Link
Starts at The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Start Region Angmar
Ends with Glorfindel
Ends at Rivendell Valley
End Region Rivendell
Map Ref [30.1S, 3.1W]
Quest Group The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This great broken link was once part of the great chain which bound the Balrog Thaurlach within his prison. You wonder if you should perhaps bring it and the news of the Balrog's defeat to Master Elrond in Rivendell.'


You have defeated Thaurlach and hold in your possession a broken link of the great chain which once held the Balrog in his prison.

Objective 1

Elrond is at the Last Homely House in Rivendell, in the Trollshaws far to the south of Angmar.

You have defeated the Balrog Thaurlach and should inform Elrond Halfelven of your deeds.

Elrond: 'Greetings, <name>! What is this you say? You found the prison of the Balrog Thaurlach?
'It is well that you defeated him. Long ago was he chained, though he should have been destroyed. It was not in wisdom that he was spared.
'But that is a long tale, full of sorrow. You should speak with Glorfindel, for this concerns him greatly. You may find him in outside standing next to the Bruinen above the falls.'

Objective 2

Glorfindel may be found outside the Last Homely House standing next to the Bruinen.

Elrond suggested you speak with Glorfindel about the defeat of Thaurlach, for the tale concerns him greatly.

Glorfindel: 'Hail and well met, <name>. I understand you wished to speak with me?'
Glorfindel says, " cannot be!"
Gandalf says, "Indeed it is...a link from the chain Angithron that was forged when this world was young."
Gandalf says, "A Balrog lies defeated."
Glorfindel says, "Ai!"
Glorfindel says, "A Balrog of Morgoth!"
Glorfindel says, "You are mightier than I first perceived."
Gandalf says, "Yes, one which was awakened long ago by his master's call."
Glorfindel says, "You speak, then, of Thaurlach, Glathlírel's Bane. My heart is heavy still from her loss."
Glathlírel says, "Then let your heart be lightened, Glorfindel, for I have returned!"
Glathlírel says, "Mithrandir speaks true. I was with the adventurers when the Balrog fell."
Glorfindel says, "And even more wonders, Glathlírel! When you did not return...we feared...."
Glathlírel says, "I found aid unlooked for in the North."
Gandalf says, "Two others of my Order, who have since vanished into the East, aided her in imprisoning the Balrog. Alas, for the treachery of the Enemy."
Glathlírel says, "I remained in Nûrz Ghâshu as the warden of the Balrog until another of Morgoth's servants sought to free him."
Glorfindel says, "And with the aid of these heroes which you mention, you were able to overcome Thaurlach?"
Glorfindel says, "I will compose the song of their triumph myself, and it will be known to all the Elves that yet dwell...."
Gandalf says, "I think not, Glorfindel..."
Gandalf says, "For even among the Elf-lords, you still keep secrets...battles and deeds enough for a thousand songs."
Gandalf says, "No...not until the world has changed should this tale be told in full."
Glathlírel says, "The Dark Lord of Mordor would be troubled by the death of Thaurlach..."
Glathlírel says, "But I fear he would gain much knowledge of hidden things that should remain lost were the full tale known."
Glorfindel says, "Your deeds will not be forgotten among the Wise."
Gandalf says, "Certainly not! It is the responsibility of the Wise to keep such lore until its chosen time."
Glorfindel says, "And it is well that you have returned out of the darkness, Glathlírel."
Glathlírel says, "It seems that Imladris will require my sword and more if we wish to continue the fight!"
Glorfindel says, "We have fought many battles, but alas, our time has passed..."
Glorfindel says, "The duty of great deeds has fallen to others. The time of the Elves is fading."
Glathlírel says, "Then it seems there is little left for me here..."
Glathlírel says, "I will travel to Mithlond and join our kin where I may find peace."
Glorfindel says, "And what do you make of this, Mithrandir? What now should be our course?"
Gandalf says, "Our course?"
Gandalf says, "What should have been done two thousand years ago has been done..."
Gandalf says, "All that is left now is to plan for the journey to come, and I have much to do before that journey begins."
Glorfindel says, "Creatures such as Thaurlach do not easily fall, my friend. You have brought hope unlooked for to our struggle against the Shadow, both in the East and in the North."