Quest:The Doorstep of Cair Andros

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The Doorstep of Cair Andros
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Tolwin
Starts at Dúneth's Camp
Start Region Talath Anor
Map Ref [55.7S, 11.5W]
Ends with Tolwin
Ends at Jal Kepir
End Region Talath Anor
Map Ref [50.9S, 15.2W]
Quest Chain Old Anórien: Talath Anor
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I trust my mother to lead us from now on. She is strong-willed like my father and caring like my older brothers. She is all the family I have left, and she contains the best qualities of all the family I have lost.

'Speak with her about what we should do next.'


You, Dúneth, and Tolwin enter Jal Kepir, an enemy encampment across the river from Cair Andros, in order to make a path to the fallen Gondorian stronghold.

Objective 1

  • Speak with Dúneth

Dúneth's camp is located in Talath Anor's eastern woods.

You should speak with Dúneth at her camp.

Dúneth: 'I thought my entire family was lost. I came to these woods to plan my last stand and take revenge for the death the destruction that Korpûrta has caused. He took the life of my sweet Gilgír and two of my sons.
'I must stand strong. Now that we are all here, perhaps we stand a chance to see this revenge through.
'I would recommend that we head to Jal Kepir, a blockade right outside Cair Andros. If we can take the blockade, then we may have a chance to get inside Cair Andros and confront Korpûrta.'

Objective 2

  • Travel to Jal Kepir

Jal Kepir is located next to Cair Andros.

You should travel to Jal Kepir in north-eastern Talath Anor.

Objective 3

  • Defeat enemies at Jal Kepir (0/10)

Jal Kepir is located next to Cair Andros.

You should defeat enemies at Jal Kepir.

Defeated enemy at Jal Kepir (10/10)

Objective 4

  • Speak with Dúneth

Dúneth can be found outside of Jal Kepir.

You should speak with Dúneth.

Dúneth: 'Good work! I was able to take out the scouts patrolling near the bridge. I think we have a shot at getting into Cair Andros.
'I hope that this isn't too much for Tolwin. He is a brave warriors, but still so young.'

Objective 5

  • Speak with Tolwin

Speak with Tolwin.

Tolwin: 'We have come this far and I am not about to give up. Let my mother lead us to victory.'