Quest:The Best Defence

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The Best Defence
Level 80
Type Solo
Starts with Ingbert, Reeve of the Entwash Vale
Starts at Mead Hall of Eaworth
Start Region Entwash Vale
Quest Group Entwash Vale
Quest Chain Eaworth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have given my son charge of preparing for the assault on the Orcs, though I still will not give him leave to lead the assault himself. If you still desire to aid us, speak with Ingmar and do whatever he bids you.

'Perhaps, if you so desire, you may lead the assault against Maustazg....

'My mother and I will continue to oversee siege-preparations here at Eaworth.'


After hearing from both Lord Ingmar and Lady Góda, you brought your support of Ingmar's plan to Reeve Ingbert.

Objective 1

Ingmar stands near Ingbert in the Mead Hall of Eaworth.

Ingbert instructed you to offer your services to his son, Ingmar, while he and Góda continue siege-preparations in Eaworth.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ingbert in the Mead Hall of Eaworth

Ingbert is in the Mead Hall of Eaworth, in the Entwash Vale.

You should return to Ingbert and let him know that preparations for the attack on the Orcs are complete.

Ingbert: 'Well done, <name>! The time is nearly upon us…are you prepared?'