Quest:Tending to Crithost

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Tending to Crithost
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Tolwin
Starts at Hall of Crithost
Start Region Talath Anor
Map Ref [53.5S, 16.0W]
Quest Chain Old Anórien: Talath Anor
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I am not sure where best to put my time in all these matters. You must be experienced in dealing with all kinds of people across these lands. Perhaps you would be a better guide to these people than I would.

'I cannot think straight while my mother might still be alive out there. She is all the family I may have left...

'Will you help look after the people of Crithost. The wounded rest in this hall while some farmers outside could use some guidance. They need someone strong to look up to.'


Tolwin is having difficulty leading the people of Crithost. Many matters need his council and many wounded and frightened folk are in dire need of assistance.

Objective 1

  • Tend to wounded (0/5)

Ailing farmers can be found in the hall at Crithost.

You should tend to the wounded.

Wounded Farmer says, "You are very kind."
Wounded Farmer says, "I feel a little better now."
Wounded Farmer says, "Thank you."
Tended to wounds (5/5)

Objective 2

  • Calm distressed refugees (0/5)

Distressed refugees can be found in Crithost.

You should calm the refugees.

Refugee says, "I will help out around the fields shortly."
Refugee says, "I am glad that you are here to protect us."
Refugee says, "My spirits are lifted!"
Calmed refugee (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Speak with Tolwin

Tolwin can be found in the hall of Crithost.

You should speak with Tolwin.

Tolwin: 'The spirits of those in the village are already lifted thanks to you. You have certainly lifted my spirits in the short time you've been in Crithost.
'Were you as much a leader when you were of my age?'