Quest:Stealing and Squealing

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Stealing and Squealing
Level 66
Type Solo
Starts with Blodwen
Starts at Trum Dreng
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [79.6S, 24.2W]
Quest Group Dunland: Trum Dreng
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Looters came after the warriors to pluck valuables from the carnage left behind by the Dragon-clan. They will do the same wherever the raiders strike next.

'These greedy men are not warriors themselves. They do not have it in them to fight and kill. Do what you will with them; I care not.

'Men such as these might be able to give you information, since you are intent upon saving us all.'


Looters have descended upon the Herd-lands to make off with Trev's goods. Since these Men are usually more peaceable than the Dragon-clan raiders, they might be willing to give you information with a little persuasion.

Objective 1

  • Question the first looter
  • Question the second looter
  • Question the third looter
  • Question the fourth looter
  • Question the fifth looter

Looters can be found stealing stores throughout the Herd-lands.

You should attempt to question looters on the farm, for they are generally more neutral than the Dragon-clan raiders.

Looter: 'Begone with you, Duvodiad!'
Looter says, "I'll make you regret pestering me. You'll get no words from me!"
Looter says, "I am sorry! Yield -- I yield!"
This looter yields valuable information
Looter says, "I was not part of the takeover. I only come for the loot because my family starves."
Looter says, "It is the Dragon Clan who wages war on Trum Dreng. It is to distr-- ah...."
Looter says, "I'm afraid I have already said too much. Please let me be...."
Looter: 'Question me, will you? We will see about that!'
Looter says, "Is this the sort of answer you wanted? Ha!"
Looter says, "I give up, I give up! Look for Murig! He has a map...."
This looter yields valuable information
Looter says, "There is a plan for Trum Dreng, you see."
Looter says, "But please don't make me say anything more!"
Looter: 'A duvodiad trying to question me? You are a brave one....'
Looter says, "I'll answer your prying with my fists!"
Looter says, "Have mercy! I mean you no harm!"
This looter yields valuable information
Looter says, "We dig through the loot and give them Dragons a cut of the findings, on the condition that we keep quiet and stay out of the way."
Looter says, "Please don't tell them I tattled...."
Looter: 'I will not tell you anything. I am doing just fine with this lot, thank you.
Looter says, "Begone! I don't have nothing to say to you!"
Looter says, "Don't hurt me! I'm no warrior."
This looter yields valuable information
Looter says, "It's a chief of the Dragon Clan who hatched this plan, not me. I'm no one but a poor outcast."
Looter says, "Er...ahem...I don't think I was supposed to mention the plan...."
Looter: 'You will get no song from this bird, Duvodiad!'
Looter says, "Nosy folk don't do so well in these parts -- especially strangers!"
Looter says, "Your kind is not welcome here, Duvodiad!"
Looter says, "You win! What do you want to know? I'll tell you anything! Please don't hurt me."
This looter yields valuable information
Looter says, "The Dragons are planning to cut Trum Dreng to pieces for some evil purpose."
Looter says, "I don't even know what they want. Surely not these bare lands...."

Objective 2

  • Return to Blodwen with the information

Blodwen can be found hiding among the rocks at the southern end of the Herd-lands.

You should bring the map you uncovered to Blodwen before you hurry back to Lhan Tarren.

Blodwen: 'I cannot believe this! Why would the Dragon-clan invade Trum Dreng? This land is all but barren. It is wild, and the few Stags that remain here no wish to join the wars of other Men.
'Lhan Tarren must be warned of what is coming...but what can they do if they do not know how, when , or where the Dragon-clan will attack them next?'