Quest:Sparking an Interest

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Sparking an Interest
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Every 3 hours (daytime only)
Starts with A Young Took
Starts at Bree Fireworks Area
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [29.1S, 52.1W]
Ends with A Young Brandybuck
Ends at Bree Fireworks Area
End Region Bree
Map Ref [29.1S, 52.1W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hello, friend. Are you here for the fireworks show? Well, as you can see, there are no shows in Bree during the day. You will either have to wait for the sun to go down, or visit the Methel-stage.

'Folks around here don't seem to remember the wonderful firework shows that happen at this time of year. Maybe you could remind them?

'Roam about town, and you may notice key locations to place fireworks. Ensure that the ground there is solid enough, and a quick firework launch should remind any onlookers.'


Two young hobbits have asked you to spread the news of the firework shows, by setting off some small individual fireworks for the people of Bree.

Objective 1

  • Inspect the ground at ideal locations for fireworks demonstrations 0/6

Look for ideal locations for firework demonstrations around the town of Bree. Inspect the ground at these locations, and you may preform a firework demonstration to observers.

A Young Took: 'Once you have given a demonstration in one location, it is best to move on to another spot. No sense in giving too many samples to the same folks.'
A Young Brandybuck: 'There is no need to acquire your own fireworks for the demonstrations; we have given you everything you will need! All you need to do is find the proper spots for launching.'

You have sparked some interest in the fireworks show
Harry Goatleaf says, "Don't you have something better to do? I'm sure there is work to be done elsewhere."
Farmer says, "Oh the fireworks show! Yes, I will hurry there once I finish with my tasks."
Watchman Cardoon says, "I hope you have a permit for those... oh. Is the firework show tonight? Well then, carry on."
Lily Sandheaver says, "Ahhh, I had forgotten how lovely those fireworks can be! I really should go see a show..."
Dora Longburrow says, "Oh! That reminds me, there is a firework show up on the hill, isn't there? I thought I heard some loud noises last night."
Pete Shadetree says, "I should leave work early to get a good seat for the firework show."
Dob Sandheaver says, "Ahh! A fireworks show does seem rather exciting! Thank you, friend."
Erling Goodbody says, "Well done, <name>. I must see what else this show has to offer!"
Townsperson says, "Oh. Thank you for the reminder! I will see you at the show tonight."
Second-watcher Heathstraw says, "The fireworks show? I haven't been in years. Perhaps I ought to go soon."
Roger Hazeltwig says, "Brilliant! But which show should I visit, Bree or Shire?"
Provisioner says, "A fireworks show sounds like a great way to enjoy an evening!"
Supplier says, "I suppose you're right... I could use some excitement."
Healer says, "Lovely demonstration! Perhaps I should take some time off and see a show."
Townsperson says, "This whole firework business seems a bit frivolous, don't you think?"
Watcher says, "If this weather is suitable, I'll be sure to see the fireworks show in Bree."
Watcher says, "Oh! You distracted me! Perhaps I will see the show once I've finished training."
Northel says, "The trip to the Methel-stage will be worth it for the fireworks display!"
Townsperson says, "Fireworks? I was looking for something to do. Perhaps I should head to the show tonight."
Woodcutter says, "Is it that time of year, already? I should visit the fireworks show before the festival is over."
Bert Goldenleaf says, "Don't scare the horses with those! Care to purchase a ride back to the west gate? It's near to the fireworks area."
Townsperson says, "Ah, watching a fireworks performance sounds like a great way to pass the time."

Objective 2

  • Speak with the young hobbits at the Bree Fireworks Show area

Return to the young hobbits at the Fireworks Show area in Bree, and inform them of your actions.

A Young Brandybuck: 'So you sparked some interest in the fireworks show? Well done! I bet they just needed someone to come along and remind them of the fun to be had.
'You are certainly deserving of something for your trouble. Thanks again, friend.'