Quest:Something Fishy

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Something Fishy
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with White Hand Shaman
Start Region Norcrofts
Ends with Cyneswith
Ends at Springview Estate
End Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [49.4S, 56.5W]
Quest Group Norcrofts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Orcs among the western farmsteads seem to be in possesion of a type of fish that is unfamiliar. Collecting some specimens of the fish, and showing them to a native of the area, might be helpful in determining their significance.


Many of the Orcs that have begun encroaching on the lands in the west are carrying a strange variety of fish. Perhaps a person local to the area could reveal the significance of the fish they carry.

Objective 1

The Orcs among the western farmsteads seem to be in possesion of the strange fish.

Collecting samples of the strange fish these Orcs carry might be helpful in determining a cause.

This Orc was chewing on an unusual fish. These fish may be worth investigating

Objective 2

  • Ask Cyneswith about the presence of the unusual fish

Cyneswith rests behind the large Springview Estate, to the east.

Perhaps showing these fish to a local, such as Cyneswith, will uncover the cause for the Orcs having them in possession.

Cyneswith: 'These fish may seem foreign to you,but htey are at times caught from the stream that flows west across the Norcrofts. They have quite a poor flavour, but I suppost it matters little to the Orcs.
'I know of no farm that would have these fish stockpiled, could it be that the Orcs have also established an outpost along the water? Thank you for bringing this knowledge to me. I must ponder the meaning of this odd new discover.'