Quest:Sniffing Out a Rat

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Sniffing Out a Rat
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Dead Rat
Starts at Eorlsmead Tower
Start Region Great River
Quest Group Eorlsmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The rat's body is contorted as if it died in pain, but there are no obvious signs of external damage. A green foam around its mouth seems suspicious. You should search for signs of what the rat may have ingested to cause its death.


You found a dead rat in the basement of the tower. Some foam around the mouth indicates that it may have died of unnatural causes. You should search for whatever may have caused dead rats to appear in a tower occupied by healthy men.

Objective 1

  • Search for possible ingredients of the ingested substance
  • Search for whatever contained the ingested substance

Whatever caused the rat to die can be found somewhere in the tower.

You should search for whatever the rat ingested that would have caused it to die.

There is nothing of interest in this container
This container has some herbs that could be used to create a poison
None of these glasses stand out to you
A glass on this shelf has a green foam in the bottom
Gadda will want to hear that experiments with poison are underway