Quest:Seeking a Solution

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Seeking a Solution
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Pick-axe
Starts at Gravenwood
Start Region Dunland
Quest Group Dunland: Gravenwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You should use the pick Saeradan gave you to dig at the disturbed roots of the tree.


You discovered that the earth has been disturbed at the roots of the second tree Saeradan sent you to scout.

Objective 1

  • Dig in the disturbed earth at the foot of the Tree of Tribute

The earth is disturbed at the foot of the Tree of Tribute, south-west of the Rohirrim scout-camp.

Saeradan told you to follow the clues to the source of the evil in the Gravenwood. You should dig in the disturbed earth.

You have discovered another evil token, but are attacked by a Cuthraul
Nulchulth says, "The Shadow in the East shall fall upon you!"
Nulchulth says, "Fall into shadows!"
Nulchulth says, "Your spirit shall wither before the Eye!"
Defeated Nulchulth