Quest:Scattered Belongings

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Scattered Belongings
Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Aglardir
Starts at Lin Giliath
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [13.7S, 44.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Gildor Inglorion brought our company north to spread word of a great evil stirring in the south, but we found here only death. The keeper of this glade was friend to many of us, a fair Elf named Lachenn; he was slain by Stone-trolls before we arrived, and the refuge beset by ruin.

'I do not know what called the trolls out of Taur Gonwaith, but we must rebuild this place as best we can, for it is what Lachenn would have us do were he here to ask it.

'Revenge? It must wait. The trolls scattered the possessions that were stored here throughout Meluinen. Gather allies and look for shattered barrels between here and Taur Gonwaith to the south. I need you to bring their contents to me.'


Aglardir has undertaken the difficult task of restoring Lin Giliath to peace in the wake of the Stone-troll attack.

Objective 1

Shattered barrels can be found strewn throughout the fens leading to Taur Gonwaith in the south.

Aglardir has asked you to recover whatever supplies you can from the barrels the Stone-trolls scattered throughout the marshes.

Aglardir: 'The Stone-trolls left much destruction in their wake. The food they likely consumed or wasted. The relics that were stored here may have been broken, but some may have survived.
'Look for the shattered barrels littered about the marshes to the south, in Meluinen, and bring back what you can. Without Lachenn, this glade will never be what it was, but we must do what we can.'

Objective 2

Aglardir is in Lin Giliath, the glade on the border of Kingsfell and Meluinen.

Aglardir is waiting for you to return with the possessions you salvaged from the shattered crates strewn about Meluinen.

Aglardir: 'I did not think we could hope for us as much as you have returned with, <name>, I thank you for your aid.
'The trolls ruined or consumed much of the food that was stored here, and many relics were lost. Lachenn would grieve for these losses even as we grieve for him.'