Quest:Rohan Awaits

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Rohan Awaits
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Letter
Starts at Any Mailbox
Ends with Dala
Ends at Langhold
End Region The Wold
Map Ref [35.8S, 53.9W]
Quest Group The North Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


I write this letter in haste, for many great tasks are at hand, and I have been long away. I make for Rohan this very moment, and you should ride there with all the speed you can muster.

I cannot see the future, but I know you will be sorely needed in that land before the end. If you befriend the horse-lords there, they will likely gift you with one of their own great steeds.

You will need a new steed, you see. War is coming.

-- G


You have received a strange letter in a familiar scrawl. Its message is clear: you should make haste to the land of Rohan where the Horse-lords rule, for many great and terrible events are converging in that fair place.

Objective 1

  • Cross the Bridge into Rohan and talk to a Rohirrim

Rohan is south of the Great River region. It is best reached by riding south from Parth Celebrant, across the Anduin by bridge.

You have received a letter from Gandalf, of all people! He asks that you ride for Rohan at once.

Rohirrim: 'Rohan? Yes, you have come to the northern border of the Wold. The town of Langhold is not far, if it is hospitality you seek. I am from there, but I am on an errand to Stangard now.
'Just Head south along the road. You will not miss Langhold, where Utred is Thane.'
You have crossed into Rohan at last

Objective 2

The town of Langhold is south along the road in the Wold of Rohan.

You should find the town of Langhold and speak with a guard to gain admittance.

Dala: 'You have come to the gate of Langhold, traveler. State your business, please. What brings you to our door?'