Quest:Relics of Victory

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Relics of Victory
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Any Artifact
Starts at Dol Acharn
Start Region The Wastes
Ends with Artamir
Ends at Haerondir
End Region The Wastes
Map Ref [36.2S, 8.4W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: Dagorlad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

While exploring the ruins of Dol Acharn, you have encountered relics of significant age. It remains unclear if they are of old Gondorian make or were given as a gift by the North-men who came to Gondor's aid in times of strife.

You decide to collect the relics in the hope that Artamir can identify them.


Dol Acharn was once a great monument to victory over the Wainriders, but now it has been reduced to ruins and forever tarnished by time and the Enemy.

Objective 1

Relics can be found throughout Dol Acharn in eastern Dagorlad.

You have arrived at Dol Acharn and discovered relics that might be of interest to Artamir. You should gather them and deliver them to him when you are able.

Objective 2

Artamir can be found at Haerondir in the Wastes.

You have gathered many relics from Dol Acharn and should now deliver them to Artamir at Haerondir.

Artamir: 'Oh, <name>... what is all this?'
You explain to Artamir that you recovered a collection of relics from the hill of Dol Acharn.
'I wold prefere to study these relics in the more well-kept House of Lore, but Haerondir shall have to do for now...
No, what am I saying? You are perhaps the only one in Haerondir who will still look at me, much less speak to me, and I should not belittle a gift unasked for.
You are too kind to bring such artifacts to me, especially after how much trouble I have cause you and the rangers. I think it shall be some time before they let me out of their sight again... but ah, what an adventure it was!'