Quest:Private Instance: A Well-ordered Mind

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Private Instance: A Well-ordered Mind
Level 15
Type Solo only
Starts with Dorset Oakes
Starts at The Yellow Tree
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [32.6S, 48.1W]
Quest Group Lore-master
Class Lore-master
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Dorset Oakes, the son of a Lore-master now dead, seeks the knowledge contained in his father's old library and is prepared to hunt for the pages to the catalogue his father had written; however, goblins have been digging in the caves near the library and may soon break through...."


Dorset Oakes has shown you into the cave that once served as his father's library.

Objective 1

  • Find the bookshelf containing the book Dorset Oakes is seeking before the Goblin-champions arrive

This cave was once the library of the great Benton Oakes, and its main room is full of bookshelves.

Dorset Oakes is waiting for you to find the bookshelf that contains "On the Hardiness of Animals in the Wilderness".

Dorset Oakes: 'Somewhere within that library is the book I'm seeking, <name>. I hope you know which bookshelf it can be found on, for the goblins are sure to come poking around before too long!'
You found the book sought by Dorset Oakes!
Collected 'On the Hardiness of Animals in the Wilderness'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Dorset Oakes

Dorset Oakes is at the entrance of the cave.

Dorset is waiting for you to return with the book he asked for.

Dorset Oakes: 'You found it, <name>! I can hardly believe it! Quickly, now -- are you ready to leave?'
Dorset Oakes: 'Let's get out of here before the goblins make things even more difficult!'