Quest:New Arrival in Combe

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New Arrival in Combe
Level 5
Type Solo
Starts with
Paper Sheet 1 (uncommon)-icon.png
A Letter From Combe
Starts at Mailbox
Ends with Combe Stable-helper
Ends at Combe
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [28.6S, 49.5W]
Quest Group Discovering the Descendant
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The stables in Combe have been unusually busy lately with many travellers coming in and out of the city. I haven't seen this many visitors in a long time, and it's keeping us busy at the stables in trying to keep our horses in good health. Not only visitors are coming by these days either, for just this morning a new horse arrived that looks nothing like any horse I've ever seen!

'Can you come to the stables in Combe and help us tend to this new horse? Combe is located just south of Archet and east of Bree-town in Bree.'


You received a mail asking you to help the stable workers in Combe handle a new and unusual horse that just arrived.

Objective 1

Combe is located south of Archet and east of Bree-town in Bree.

Combe Stable-helper: 'Thank goodness you've arrived, and just in time!'