Quest:Munfaeril's Warning

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Munfaeril's Warning
Level 71
Type Solo
Starts with Ancient Placard
Starts at Munfaeril's Shrine
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [83.8S, 16.7W]
Ends with Munfaeril
Quest Group Dunland: Carreglyn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This placard describes the ritual used by the Derudh of Dunland to call upon the ox-spirit Munfaeril, which they call the Uch-gwirod, for aid. The troubles in Barnavon may be cause enough to attempt such a feat.

The placard demands the use of a sigil, which you do not possess. Perhaps one of the foes wandering Carreglyn may have one in its possession....


You have found a placard upon Munfaeril's shrine that describes the ritual of the Dunlending Derudh to call upon the ox-spirit Munfaeril for aid.

Objective 1

Warg-riders and Ox-clan warriors wander the landscape of Carreglyn.

Perhaps one of the Warg-riders or Ox-clan warriors came upon the shrine and stole Munfaeril's sigil.

Objective 2

  • Place Munfaeril's sigil on the shrine

Munfaeril's shrine lies to the north of Barnavon.

You should place Munfaeril's sigil upon her shrine and perform the ritual to call upon her aid.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Munfaeril at her shrine

Munfaeril is at her shrine, north of Barnavon.

You should speak with Munfaeril through the shrine regarding the evils committed by the brenin of Barnavon.

'I am pleased that you have heard my summons, good <race>. Does it surprise you that your coming is of my design? I care very much for the People of the OX, but Madain Brenin has fallen to corruption. He and his people oppress the remnant of the Turch-lûth, the people of the Boar, and plot war against the Horse-lords who are in the favor of the Valar. This cannot be tolerated.
'I ask that you got to Barnavon and bring this message to Madin Brenin: if he does not turn from his evil ways, he and his people will feel the wrath of the Uch-gwirod and the Huntsman.
Take my sigil as proof of my words and speak with me when you are ready to depart.

Objective 4

  • Let Munfaeril know when you are ready to depart for Barnavon. You may summon her through the shrine if necessary

Munfaeril is at her shrine, north of Barnavon.

You should speak with Munfaeril when you are ready to depart for Barnavon.

This instance is intended to be run solo, but can be run duo as well.

Munfaeril: 'Very well, <name>. May your quest be fruitful.'
Complete the Munfaeril's Warning -- Instance

Objective 5

  • Talk to Munfaeril through her shrine

Munfaeril is at her shrine, north of Barnavon.

You should return to Munfaeril and tell her of the events at Barnavon.

You have spoken with Munfaeril about Madin Brenin
Munfaeril: 'Alas, Madin Brenin was a fool, and his son no less. Yet, the true blame for these evils falls to one of my own kindred, and I fear they will all suffer in the end.
'I thank you for bringing my warning to Barnavon and grant you what grace I may.'