Quest:Mending Wounds

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Mending Wounds
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Elfwyn
Starts at Elfwyn's Shop
Start Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [48.6S, 52.9W]
Quest Group Norcrofts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am in a dire situation, friend. I am responsible for treating the wounds and injuries of the people of Elthengels, but I am without the necessary reagents to do so. Will you stay a moment and hear me out?

'We cannot allow others to suffer the same fate as poor Pendulf, but I am unprepared! I have but a meagre supply of common herbs in my possession. If you were to gather some of the herbs and reagents I am in need of, I might be able to redeem myself by saving others.

'Meadow-maid, Lamb's Ear, and Clotbur can all be found growing outside of Elthengels. These plants are most helpful in treating wounds, but I am currently lacking in their supply. Will you secure them to help bolster my reserves?'


The healer of Elthengels, Elfwyn, is distraught over the death of young Pendulf, Thane Mildrith's son. He feels his supplies are inadequate and is in need of a variety of local herbs in preparation for treating future wounds and injuries.

Objective 1

The plants desired by Elfwyn can be found growing in the Norcrofts in the areas outside the town of Elthengels.

Elfwyn has asked you to collect various plantlife, so that he may use them to treat any serious wounds that may occur to people in Elthengels.

Elfwyn says, "Know you of the fate of young Pendulf, Thane Mildrith's son?"
Elfwyn says, "When Thane Pendrad was slain defending Elthengels, his son Pendulf accused Reeve Athelward of being unfit to protect the Norcrofts."
Elfwyn says, "This resulted in a duel between Athelward and Pendulf. Athelward's prowess has never been matched in combat, and Pendulf received a sharp cut in his defeat."
Elfwyn says, "I know not what caused his wound to rot, but if others were to recieve similar infections, I would be unable to treat them."

Objective 2

  • Return to Elfwyn with the herbs

Elfwyn, the healer, may be found at his home in Elthengels.

Elfwyn is awaiting your return with the various plants he has asked you to collect.

Elfwyn: 'You have done well, these plants will work perfectly. I am ashamed for not having saved the noble Pendulf, but with this full set of reagents I vow not to fail Thane Mildrith again.
'I owe you much thanks.'