Quest:Menace in the Mines

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Creep-icon.png Menace in the Mines
Faction Creep
Level 120
Type Solo
Starting Loc Grothum
Start Bok [13.9S, 13.2W]
Ending Loc Grothum
Ends Bok [13.9S, 13.2W]
Money Reward 13 Silver 44 Copper 
Rank change Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy (60)
Commendations Commendation-icon.png 60 Commendations
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'You! You here to help, yes? Of course, of course! Angmar and the Snowreap serve the same lord, the Great Eye. You help us, good.

'The mines, digging claws, nasty beaks, terrible flesh. They bite us, break us, sometimes kill! The terrible stone-eaters. The crawling death.

'You go now, kill the creeping claw-skittering cave-dwellers, yes?'


Cave-claw dig through the stone and threaten the goblins working the Isendeep near Grothum. The leaders of the village implored you as an ally to the Snowreap to assist them in destroying the terrible little creatures.

Objective 1

Cave-claws can be found in the Isendeep mine.

Bok begged you to help defend the goblins in the mines.

Objective 2

Bok awaits your return at Grothum.

You slaughtered the cave-laws you encountered to defend the pathetic goblins. You should return to Bok with the news.

Bok: 'Good, good! No more crawling claws in the cave. We work now, help the army!

'Glory to Angmar! Glory to the Eye! Glory to the Snowreap!'


  • 13 Silver 44 Copper 
  • 60 Commendation 
  • Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy ( 60 )

Walkthrough & Notes