Quest:Long Live the Queen

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Long Live the Queen
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Gammer Boffin
Starts at Overhill
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [28.3S, 70.2W]
Ends with Polo Proudfoot
Ends at Tookland
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.5S, 69.8W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Chain Long Live the Queen
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've got the salve ready for you, my dear, whenever you're ready for it. But remember, it will only last a few minutes before it wears off, so you'd best hurry back and find a hive for Farmer Proudfoot!

'I expect you will find beehives in the woods south-east of Tuckborough. Find a big one for Polo and take it to him at his meadow nearby.

'Now, if you're carrying a delicate beehive around, you may not be able to fight off any bears or such that may be drawn to the hive, so tread carefully!'


Polo Proudfoot needs new queens for his hives to replace the ones killed by the honey-bears.

Objective 1

  • Find a wild hive before the salve dries
  • Bring the wild hive to Polo Proudfoot

Farmer Proudfoot is guarding his hives in the meadow south-east of Tuckborough. The wild beehives you are looking for are in a bear-infested area further south-east past the meadow.

Farmer Proudfoot sent you to Gammer Boffin in Overhill to obtain some balm to keep off the bees, so you can collect a hive for him. Gammer Boffin warned you that the salve will not last long, so you will need to collect the hive as soon as possible and take it to Polo Proudfoot.

Gammer Boffin: 'You;d best be finding a new hive for Polo!'
Polo Proudfoot: 'You'd better hurry and find one of those wild beehives before that salve you've got dries out. Look to the south-east, among all the bears, and be careful!'

Objective 2

Polo Proudfoot would like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts.

Polo Proudfoot: 'That new hive will do nicely. I'll just given the bees a while to get used to their new home.
'In the meantime, please take this reward -- you deserve it!'