Quest:Listening to the Pulse

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Listening to the Pulse
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Lady Vanyalos
Starts at Hall of Lady Vanyalos
Start Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.0S, 23.0W]
Ends with Lady Vanyalos
Ends at Hall of Lady Vanyalos
End Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.0S, 23.0W]
Quest Chain Imloth Melui
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'It is good to speak with someone new, even if you were driven here by sorrow and war. So many good men have gone away to Minas Tirith, my husband Forlong not least of them. Indeed, he exceeds them all, in girth, at least! My Forlong always had such a sense of humour, and fond of his dinners, too.

'One sound has fled beyond the walls of my city, <name>, and I miss it almost as much as Forlong. The sound of laughter has quite vanished from the vale. Has its absence affected my people as grievously as it has me? I ask you to speak with the few trusted folk who remain, and learn if they have given up hope of victory and peace in Imloth Melui.

'Hathalon is my Master-at-arms, and he is responsible for training the few warriors who remain. If he has given in to despair, I fear the sickness will spread to his recruits. Merenir, my Captain of the Guard, oversees the flow of refugees by the fountain in the middle of town. And Master Healer Brunil treats the injured within the Hall of the Gentle Hand, on the western side of town. I rely on all three of these good people, and I need to know they are still able to carry out their duties.'


Lady Vanyalos wishes to know the current mood and thoughts of the people of Imloth Melui.

Objective 1

Hathalon trains new recruits in the northern part of Imloth Melui. Merenir oversees the flow of refugees by the fountain in the middle of town. Master Healer Brunil treats the injured within the Hall of the Gentle Hand, on the western side of Imloth Melui.

Lady Vanyalos has asked you to talk to the people she trusts in Imloth Melui and determine their moods.

Brunil: 'Lady Vanyalos sent you to ask after us?'
Brunil scowls at you.
'The sick are sick and the well are weary. I would not expect the Lady to come to these halls, but I suppose sending you shows that at least she thinks of us on occasion, toiling away for the health of her people. Tell her that we do what we can with less than we need, and if we complain we do it only as a result of much hardship.'
Brunil's mood is dour
Merenir: 'Lady Vanyalos wishes to know the mood of the people? That is why Imloth Melui will thrive even in the absence of Lord Forlong, <name>. What ruler cares as much about her people as Lady Vanyalos? Very few, I wager!
'When you return to her hall, please bring my assurances that we keep good watch on all who approach the vale. Nothing will threaten Imloth Melui without me hearing of it first!'
Merenir's mood is hopeful
Hathalon: 'How am I feeling? I have seen better days and better nights, <class>! Most of the warriors have already left this city, and now I am forced to remain behind and train youths and old men!
'This is a city of healers and potion-makers, not fighters. Even with the finest training I can give to them, this vale is nearly undefended! Tell Lady Vanyalos we must hope the enemy does not come to Imloth Melui, for that is the only way we might survive!'
Hathalon's mood is grim

Objective 2

  • Talk to Lady Vanyalos in her hall on the north-east rise of Imloth Melui

Lady Vanyalos is in her hall on the north-eastern rise in Imloth Melui.

You should return to Lady Vanyalos and report what you have heard from her three trusted advisors.

Lady Vanyalos: 'I thank you for judging the mood of my people, <name>. If I were a potion-maker, I would think two parts despair and one part hopefulness a poor mixture indeed, but perhaps I should be grateful it is no worse.'