Quest:Leading the Advance

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Leading the Advance
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts with Sergeant Hubyrt
Starts at Wakenflood
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [38.1S, 50.4W]
Quest Group The Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If you go to fight the Easterlings, keep an eye open for their leader, a deadly man! He was instrumental in wreaking so much damage upon Wakenflood, for his tactics were brilliant.

'Worse yet, he was also a brutally skilled fighter; he killed many and quickly.

'If revenge is not a good enough reason for you to destroy such a foe, consider those who will die the next time this man rides into battle.'


The Easterling raid upon Wakenflood was led by a particularly skilled and fearsome war-leader. This man is a dire threat if left alone to ready a second assault.

Objective 1

  • Defeat the Easterlings' leader at Olghakhósh

he leader of the Easterlings who led the assault on Wakenflood can be found in Olghakhósh, near the Anduin's edge.

You should defeat the leader of the Easterlings.

Defeated the Easterlings' leader at Olghakhósh

Objective 2

  • Tell Sergeant Hubyrt of your victory

Sergeant Hubyrt awaits your return at Wakenflood, where his men reel from a recent Easterling assault.

You should return to Hubyrt with the news of our victory against the war-leader of Olghakhósh.

Sergeant Hubyrt: 'You killed their leader? An incredible feat, <name>! He was a brutal fighter…I have rarely seen his match even among the Rohirrim. To best him says much of your own skill!
'I am glad you came to us, and we are all in your debt for carrying out this revenge…and for protecting us against a future assault. I name you Friend of Wakenflood, <name>!'