Quest:Leading Through Fear

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Leading Through Fear
Level 73
Type Solo
Starts with Idmar
Starts at Idmar's Camp
Start Region Great River
Quest Group Parth Celebrant
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, you have aided us well. Only one task remains...we must break their leadership. My men have heard talk of a brutal man named Lanferth, who dwells deep within Hordfierd. He leads the brigands on raids into Ost Celebrant and is notorious for making certain that he gets his cut of the loot by any means necessary.

'We have heard whispers from his men recently that he has become very queer and often will no longer personally venture into Ost Celebrant. We have no idea why.

'Journey to Hordfierd and defeat him. Without his leadership, the brigands will not find riches in Parth Celebrant. Go, and if he has anything of value, return it to us.'


The brigands are led by a man named Lanferth, and Idmar believes eliminating him may put an end to their invasion.

Objective 1

Lanferth's tent is located deep within Hordfierd.

Idmar has asked you to defeat Lanferth, leader of the brigands.

Idmar: 'Defeat Lanferth, <name>, then perhaps the rest of his men will depart this land.'
Lanferth says, "Hey! What are you doing sneaking around my tent?!"
Lanferth says, "If you only knew the forces that rise against you...."
Defeated Lanferth

Objective 2

  • Talk to Idmar

Idmar is at his camp along the road in central Parth Celebrant.

You should return to Idmar at once with news of your victory.

Idmar: 'Lenferth is no more? Good. These brigands should be thrust into chaos without his leadership, as vicious as it was.
'Did you find anything of value among his keepings?'