Quest:Lang Rhuven: The Siege

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Lang Rhuven: The Siege
Level 105
Type Fellowship
Starts with Candúr
Starts at Slag-hills campsite
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [34.5S, 3.5W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: Dagorlad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Lang Rhuven is unquestionably a threat. There are many more enemies gathered there than elsewhere within the Slag-hills or Dagorlad. You and your allies must enter the gap of Lang Rhuven and disrupt them as you may. Destroying their supply tents and trebuchets should do.'


Candúr has been monitoring the Enemy in Lang Rhuven and believes that now is the time to attack the camp.

Objective 1

  • Destroy supply tents in Lang Rhuven (0/8)
  • Destroy trebuchets in Lang Rhuven (0/6)

Easterling supply tents and trebuchets can be found in Lang Rhuven on the border of Dagorlad.

You should destroy supply tents and trebuchets found in Lang Rhuven.

SUPPLY TENT "A medium-sized Easterling tent filled with supplies"
Destroying ...
Destroyed supply tent (8/8)
TREBUCHET "An Easterling-built trebuchet."
Destroying ...
Destroyed trebuchet (6/6)

Objective 2

Caused much damage to the enemies at Lang Rhuven

You have caused a considerable amount of damage to the enemy structures at Lang Rhuven. The Easterling forces will certainly have a difficult time rebuilding after that incursion.