Quest:Introduction to Weaponsmithy

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Introduction to Weaponsmithy
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with A Master of Apprentices
Starts at A Crafting area
Ends with A Novice Weaponsmith
Ends at A Crafting area
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Weaponsmith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Does your mother know that you want to learn how to make weapons? It is hardly the pursuit of many hobbits.

'If this is what you desire, then who am I to stand in your way? A word of warning though -- weapons hurt if you drop them on your toes.

'You will want to speak with Balbo Bag-- I mean Balbo Grubb, over there by the forge.'


The art of weaponsmithy reaches back to the First Age of Middle-earth. Those who expend a great deal of energy into this profession are sought after for their finest and even their more mundane works. Weaponsmithy is a difficult, but rewarding profession. As a new weaponsmith, it is best that you learn the basics of your craft.

Be careful! You will need to complete the correct recipe and deliver the correct item outlined in this quest.

You will need to execute the bronze weapon recipe and deliver the weapon. Failing to do so will force you to obtain new raw materials or to restart the quest after a 24-hour delay.

Objective 1

  • Speak with <NPC> near the forge in the crafting area.

You should speak with <NPC> at the forge in <location> to learn more about weaponsmithy.

'Well, look here...another would-be weaponsmith. I am pleased to meet you and looking forward to helping you get started.
'If I go too fast or you need help at any point, you can ask me questions about weaponsmithy, and I will do my best to provide you with clear direction. The first and most important step is having the proper ingredients.
'I set aside a few for new weaponsmiths like yourself. Take this crate and let us begin.'
Weaponsmith vendors sell ingredients and recipes that are a vital part of any Weaponsmith's training and continued work.
You have been provided with ingredients

Objective 2

<NPC> provided you with a crate full of ingredients that you can use to create a bronze weapon recipe. Open the crate to get the ingredients.

Ingredients for Weaponsmiths are normally purchased from vendors or traded from players with the prospecting profession and, in some rare cases, the woodworking profession. You can also find ingredients on the Auction Hall.

You have acquired 2 Bronze Ingots.
You now have all the ingredients to make a bronze weapon

Objective 3

Create the bronze sword, dagger, axe, great sword or throwing axe, as instructed by <NPC>.

You have made a bronze weapon

Objective 4

The recipe is complete. Do not sell the bronze weapon! It is time to show your handiwork to your mentor, <NPC>.

<NPC>: 'Let me see what you were able to do....'
He inspects the weapon with a discerning eye.
'No curve to the blade, and the hilt is attached nearly to perfection. This is fine work.
'I think that you have done very, very well, <name>. I approve and declare you a novice weaponsmith.'