Quest Talk:Introduction to Weaponsmithy

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Thorin's Hall

Quest bestowal text for a dwarf in Thorin's Hall:

Morór: 'Weaponsmithy, is it? A fine choice for any self-respecting dwarf!

'We make the finest weapons in all the world, of that there is no doubt.

'Go over to the forge and speak with Hannis. He will set you on the path to becoming another in a long litany of fine weaponsmiths from under the mountains.'

Update needed I think

I'm fairly sure that this quest cannot be picked up in any crafting area (from experience!). For example this (and the other intro to quests) cannot be found in Bree Crafting Hall but can be found in the Combe one. Based on a thread on the LOTRO forums it would seem these quests are only available in starter areas now. Not sure the best way to make this clear so hoping a TPW may comment. Cheers --Herby29 (talk) 11:47, 7 April 2024 (UTC)