Quest:Introduction to Farming

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Introduction to Farming
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with A Master of Apprentices
Starts at A crafting area
Ends with A Novice Farmhand
Ends at Farmlands
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Farmer
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It looks as though you have strayed a little ways from home, Elf, and you want to learn to farm? I'd prefer swinging a hammer, but if you prefer a hoe, who I am to judge?

'Speak with Imir in the greenhouse. He has offered to teach all the newest farmers the basics.

'You can find the greenhouse at the top of the stairs leading toward Thorin's Hall. It will be to the right of the main entrance to the Hall.'


Farming is an especially important profession as farmers provide the world with food, and as any <race> will attest, food is one of the most precious commodities that there is.

Be careful! You will need to complete the correct recipes and deliver the correct items outlined in this quest.

You will need to execute the yellow onion field and yellow onion recipes and deliver the yellow onions. Failing to do so will force you to obtain new raw materials or to restart the quest after a 24-hour delay.

Objective 1

  • Speak with <NPC> near the farmland in the crafting area

You should speak with <NPC> at the farmland <location> to learn more about farming and set yourself on a path to good eating.

Novice Farmer: 'If you are looking for guidance in farming, then I am prepared to offer you direction.
'If my methods are too fast, feel free to speak to me again, and I will answer any questions that you may have. I will do my best to provide you with clear direction. The first and most important step is having the proper ingredients.
'I have kept some of these ingredients aside for the purpose of providing to new farmers. Take this crate and let us begin.'
Largo Proudfoot: 'Well, look here...another wouldbe farmer. I am plese to meet you and am looking forward to helping you get started.
'If I go too fast or you need help at any point, you can ask me questions about farming, and I will do my best to provide you will clear directions. The first and most important step is having the proper ingredients.
'I set aside a few for new farmers, like yourself. Take this create and let us begin.'
Farmer vendors, farmhands, sell ingredients and recipes that are a vital part of any Farmer's training and continued work.

Objective 2

  • Open the crate given to you by <NPC> to collect the apprentice crop seed, bucket of water and handful of fertilizer

<NPC> provided you with a crate full of ingredients that you can use to grow the yellow onion. Open the crate to get the ingredients.

Novice Farmer: 'Just open up that crate full of ingredients that I gave you, and you can start making the yellow onion over by the farmland. make sure to equip your farming tools!'
Ingredients for Farmers are normally purchased from vendors or discovered while farming. You can also find ingredients on the Auction Hall.
You have been provided with ingredients
You have acquired an Apprentice Crop Seed.
You have acquired a Bucket of Water.
You have acquired a Handful of Fertilizer.
Item use succeeds.
You now have all the ingredients to make a yellow onion

Objective 3

<NPC> provided you with the ingredients necessary to create a yellow onion. First however, you must prepare the yellow onion field.

Novice Farmer: 'Planting the crop should be simple. Go to the farmland and plant the seeds.'
You have completed the 'Yellow Onion Field' recipe!
You have planted a yellow onion field

Objective 4

<NPC> provided you with the ingredients necessary to create a yellow onion. You must now harvest your yellow onion field and obtain a fair yellow onion crop. To find the field, activate the fair yellow onion crop Track Crops skill.

You have activated Track Crops
Taking the contents of the Yellow Onion Field...
You have acquired 2 Fair Yellow Onion Crops.
You have collected a fair yellow onion crop

Objective 5

You have harvested your field, and you are now ready to pick the yellow onion, as instructed by <NPC>. Make your way to a nearby workbench to pick through your crops.

Novice Farmer: 'It looks like the crops grew up nicely. Only one more step remaining: pick through the crops and find me a yellow onion.'
You have acquired 4 Yellow Onions.
You have completed the 'Yellow Onion' recipe!
You have picked a yellow onion

Objective 6

The recipes are complete. Do not eat or sale the yellow onion! It is time to show your handiwork to your mentor, <NPC>.

<NPC>: 'I smell an onion. Oh! Yes, I asked you to grow one for me. Please, allow me to see the onion.'
He takes a moment to admire your handiwork.
'This appears to be the best of your crop. You are well on your way towards becoming a farmer. Well done, <name>.'
Largo Proudfoot: 'Let me see what you were able to do...'
He sniffs at the onion and inspects it, very nearly taking abig bite.
'Good golden colour on the top, and it smells delicious! I can tell that you picked the best possible onion that you could -- so many layers.
'I think that you have done very, very well, <name>. I approve and declare you a novice farmer.'