Quest:Into the Fold

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Into the Fold
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Indir
Starts at Arnach
Start Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [76.9S, 24.6W]
Quest Chain Arnach
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'There is much to do and there may be little time! I must work on securing our defences, but I fear some townsfolk are still outside the bailey walls. Would you go through Arnach and send them in here, to me?'


With the Haradrim assault coming any moment, Indir is worried that some of the townsfolk are still outside the bailey walls.

Objective 1

  • Send townsfolk into the keep (0/6)

Some people remain outside the keep, in the town of Arnach.

You should gather the townsfolk outside the bailey walls and send them into the keep for their safety.

Townswoman says, "Is it time? I hadn't heard. I'll go right away."
Townswoman says, "I keep telling them, give me a sword and a shield! I can fight just as well as half these boys!"
Townswoman says, "Yes, yes. Sorry. I was lost in thought."
Townsman says, "I've been waiting for word to go in! Why wasn't somebody sent sooner?"
Townsman says, "I had meant to go earlier. Hard to keep track of time with the skies like this!"
Sent townsperson into the keep (6/6)

Objective 2

Indir can be found within the walls of Arnach's keep.

All the townsfolk of Arnach should now be gathered within the keep. You should return to Indir to tell him this has been done.

Indir: 'They're all inside? This is a great relief. The stars only know how much time we have. Not even they, for the sky is blocked from all celestial light!
'Thank you. Now, we must prepare ourselves for the Southrons' assault!'