Quest:Instructions in the Map

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Instructions in the Map
Level 55
Type Solo
Starts with Coffer
Starts at Khadar-zarâm
Start Region Nud-melek
Map Ref [8.5S, 103.9W]
Ends with Geirfast
Ends at The Twenty-first Hall
End Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [5.9S, 105.5W]
Quest Group Moria: Zelem-melek
Quest Chain Shadow Map
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This map is old, frayed, and has been handled a great deal. It depicts a hidden chamber and bears complicated instructions for the making of a very unique torch.


You found an ancient map with instructions on making a very strange and special torch among the remains of Balin's Camp.

Objective 1

Dwarves can be found in the Twenty-first Hall, west of Balin's Camp.

You may wish to consult with the dwarves at the Twenty-first Hall about the map you found. Perhaps one of them may be able to help you decipher it.

Geirfast: 'What have you here? Show me -- let's spread it on the ground and take a proper look.
'This map is old, but it is not from the Khazad-dûm of Durin's time. I am certain of that: look at how straight the lines of these runes are. These are of a style popular some few centuries ago in Ered Luin. It gives instructions for the making of a torch the likes of which I have never even heard! By Durin's beard, look at what it takes...why, this oil-coated base will be hard enough to find.
'One moment. I have it! The Warg-riders sometimes bear similar torches, dipped in rock-oil: take one from one of them, and you will be one step closer to crafting this torch. Head east down Khadar-zarâm, then look to the north.'

Objective 2

Páshnar can be found north of Khadar-zarâm, east of the Twenty-first Hall.

Geirfast thinks that you could obtain a torch from Páshnar, a goblin Warg-rider. This torch will allow you to begin following the instructions found on the ancient map.

Geirfast: 'Páshnar lurks beyond Khadar-zarâm.'
Collected a flimsy torch from Páshnar

Objective 3

  • Return the torch to Geirfast

Geirfast is in the Twenty-first Hall, west of Khadar-zarâm.

Geirfast will be able to help you learn what to do next in order to reveal the map's treasure.

Geirfast: 'This should do very nicely, <name>. Very nicely, indeed.
'Now, let us examine the map for the next component of this torch....'