Quest:Instance: The Riches of Rhûn

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Instance: The Riches of Rhûn
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Jarl Gurthilm
Starts at Uya Hujûm
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [40.8S, 7.3W]
Quest Group North Ithilien
Quest Chain Henneth Annûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Betrayed by the Khundolar, Jarl Gurthilm and his company now seek to punish their treacherous benefactor and seize the gold that was promised them."


Jarl Gurthilm and his company have travelled to the stronghold of Uya Hujûm to deal their vengeance upon Zarhal Kôz and the Khundolar.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Jarl Gurthilm

Jarl Gurthilm is standing with his men in Uya Hujûm.

You have come with the Variags to Uya Hujûm and should now speak to Jarl Gurthilm.

'Are you prepared, <class>?
'The blades of my men have tasted much of the blood of the Khundolar, but our foe eludes us still. A coward to the last, I do not doubt!
'We shall press onward into the mountainside... and soon there shall be nowhere left for him to hide!
'Ready your aims and let us go.'

Objective 2

  • Fight your way through Uja Hujûm and find Zarhal Kôz

Objective 2 description

Jarl Gurthilm says, "We have battled through many Khundolar already, but it shall not be long before they bolster their numbers."
Mátskild says, "Honourless fool!"
Blothára says, "Look ahead, Jarl! A lord's tent!"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Zarhal Kôz must be there...but he would be a great fool to have left himself defenceless."
Jarl Gurthilm says, "<name>, if we are ambushed, you must continue the fight. He cannot escape alive!"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Clear the area! Leave none alive to aid him!"
Khundolar Lord says, "Cowards! You should have faced your deaths on the fields!"
Abraiz says, "Your cats are hardier than you, weaklings!"
Khundolar Lord says, "You have chosen your enemies poorly, Variag!"
Drúgred says, "Die, Khundolar filth!"

Objective 3

  • Confront Zarhal Kôz
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Zarhal Kôz! The time has come to repay your debts of blood and gold!"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Come forth, coward, or your tent burns!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "Gurthilm! Stop this!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "Why have you come?"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Do not play coy, Kôz. It does not suit even one as lowly as you."
Jarl Gurthilm says, "You have slain our brethren, broken our deal, and cheated us out of our just reward!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "You failed in your task. Do not put the blame on me!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "As I heard it, you deserted the battle. I robbed you of nothing but the chance to shed your dishonour in death!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "You were given what you deserved...a bounty of gold and what should have been a swift death upon your return."
Jarl Gurthilm says, "Your people were fools to remain on the fields in the final hours of the battle - mourn them as nothing greater than that!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "You and the rest of your Variag dogs do not deserve to kneel before my people."
Zarhal Kôz says, "I owe you no mercy, brigand. I shall send you as slaves to the pits of Udûn!"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "You speak true - the time for mercy is done!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "Guards!"

Zarhal Kôz's men leap forth from the tent!

Zarhal Kôz says, "What have I paid you weaklings for!?"
Zarhal Kôz says, "I shall see your kind brought to ruin by the Dark Lord himself, I swear it!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "Stop this! I'll give you anything you want! Gold! Land! Stop!"
Jarl Gurthilm says, "All I want is vengeance!"
Zarhal Kôz says, "The Blue Caste shall not forget this..."

Zarhal Kôz lies slain amidst his wealth of gold and treasures!