Quest:Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion

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Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion
Level 1
Type Solo only
Starts with Elrond
Starts at Refuge of Edhelion
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [14.2S, 100.5W]
Ends with Elrond
Ends at Refuge of Edhelion
End Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [14.1S, 100.7W]
Quest Group Introduction (Dwarf/Elf)
Race(s) Elf
Quest Text
Note: This is the Tutorial quest, and is skipped if the player chooses the skip tutorial option at the start of the game, in which case the game starts at the next quest in the chain.

Bestowal dialogue

The Refuge of Edhelion
"While visiting the Refuge of Edhelion under the care of your master, you find yourself in the midst of a brutal attack by greedy dwarves of the Dourhand family. Their king, Skorgrím, thirsts for power with an unnatural lust, and you are in the eye of the storm."


While visiting Edhelion with your master, an Elf named Talagan, the mountain refuge suddenly finds itself under attack from a violent, bloodthirsty dwarf named Skorgrím, king of the Dourhand family.

Objective 1

Elrond Halfelven beckons for you to come and speak with him, for a war rages outside.

Speak with Elrond.

Elrond says, "There you are, <name>! Come, quickly!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Elrond

Elrond Halfelven beckons for you to come and speak with him, for a war rages outside.

Speak with Elrond.

Elrond: 'You cannot tarry here any longer, <name>. Skorgrím's forces are upon us, and I fear they make straight for this library!
'He seeks the relics of Edhelion, though I do not know what a dwarf could want with them. These relics were once coveted by a Gaunt-lord of old. I think the fool believes he can become immortal if he acquires them.'

Objective 3

  • Open the satchel

The satchel is on the floor near Elrond.

You should look inside the satchel for any weapons you can use to better protect yourself, for a war rages outside.

Elrond says, "Here, young Elf! Arm yourself; there is little time."
There is a weapon in the satchel. You should now loot and equip it before attempting battle

Objective 4

  • Talk to Elrond

Now that you have acquired some new weapons, you should equip them.

Elrond: 'Good -- you are better armed. Your master Talagan wishes to see you before you venture out into the fray. But do hurry! This place is not safe for you.'
Elrond says, "Your master, Talagan, wishes to speak with you before you set off to defend Edhelion."

Objective 5

Your master Talagan wishes to see that you are prepared to face the battle beyond the doors of the library.

To start fighting Talagan, right mouse-click on him to initiate your standard attack. To use your Abilities either left mouse-click on the Action Buttons on your Quick Slots Bar (found at the bottom of the screen) or by pressing the associated Hotkey.

Defeat Talagan to advance.

Elrond says, "Talagan, I have found your student! Quickly -- say what you wish to say. <name> is not safe here for long."
Talagan: '<name>, my dear student! I wish I could let you stay safe within these walls, but Elrond tells me that Skorgrím makes straight for the library.
'You must survive the battle outside, I am afraid. I worry for you! Duel with me one last time, my friend, and show me that you are ready. It will ease my heart!'
Talagan Silvertongue says, "Let us see how well you have learned!"
You have bested Talagan
Talagan Silvertongue says, "Well done, <name>! You have learned well."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Elrond

A great thunder has shaken the library. Speak with Elrond to find out what you should do.

Elrond says, "Ai! Skorgrím's forces draw near!"
Talagan Silvertongue says, "It seems they will do anything to get at those relics...."
Elrond: 'There is no time to waste, <name>. Go outside with Talagan and see what can be done to stop Skorgrím from advancing. The Dourhands cannot be allowed to take the Gaunt-lord's relics; I have vowed to keep them safe.
'I will hide the relics, then I will join Talagan in protecting the library. Be safe, young <class>.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Talagan Silvertongue outside of the library
  • Follow Talagan Silvertongue

Talagan Silvertongue has told you that he would like you to make your way to the courtyard of Edhelion and help defend it from further attack.

Elrond says, "Go, Talagan. Take <name> out of here. I must hide the relics before Skorgrím appears to claim them."
Talagan Silvertongue says, "<name>, hurry! We have little time!"
Talagan: 'Go, <name>! This is where the storm will converge. Edhelben is down below -- he will let you through the gate to protect what is left of this refuge.'
Talagan Silvertongue says, "Come, this way. I must defend the library against Skorgrím."
Talagan Silvertongue says, "Go, <name>, and promise me you will return in one piece! Edhelben shall open the gate for you."

Objective 8

Follow Edhelben as he directs you to the courtyard of Edhelion.

You master Talagan Silvertongue has told you that he would like you to make your way to the courtyard of Edhelion and help defend it from further attack.

Edhelben says, "Come, <name>, quickly!"
Edhelben says, "The east gate!
Edhelben says, "Skorgrím's forces press hard upon us!"
Edhelben says, "That gate will not hold long...."
Edhelben says, "<name>, we can not tarry here!"
Edhelben says, "You must get into the courtyard and bolster our defences there!"
Edhelben says, "Come! This way, young one!"
Edhelben says, "You should continue west, up the stairs."
Edhelben says, "Eventually you will make your way to the courtyard's west gate."
Edhelben says, "Be wary of invaders along the way. They are everywhere!"
Edhelben says, "Hurry now!"
Edhelben: 'Those in the courtyard will need your help until Elrond returns. The main gates are barred, so you should travel to the west and go up the stairs. From there, travel along to the back entrance. Hopefully, someone will let you in.
'Be careful, though...there may still be a few stragglers left behind that you may have to deal with.'

Objective 9

Fight your way to the courtyard of Edhelion.

Dourhand Dwarf says, "Come to my blade, elf!"
Dourhand Dwarf says, "I won't fall to you, elf!"
Dourhand Dwarf says, "The relics are ours!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Back, I say! Back!"

Objective 10

Now that you have reached the courtyard of Edhelion, follow Dorongúr Whitethorn into it.

Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Ah, it is Talagan's young charge! I will open the gate for you, <name>!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Quick, come in!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "I am glad you have survived this massacre."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Dorongúr
  • Aid in the defence of the courtyard

Speak with Dorongúr Whitethorn.

Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Alas that it is not over yet. This way!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Skorgrím has not shown himself yet...."
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "We have lost much in our battle with the Dourhands."
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Tell me, though: what news do you bring?"
Dorongúr Whitethorn : 'I fear for Edhelion. How much more can we withstand? And I hear that Skorgrím has not even shown himself yet...which means the worst is yet to come.'
Guard says, "Dorongúr!
Guard says, "Dorongúr! They have broken through!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Come, <name>. The final battle is at hand!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Prepare yourself...the gate will not hold long!"
Elrond says, "A Elbereth! Edhellen crist!"
Elrond says, "Fall, beast!"
Elrond says, "Dorongúr, come! Talagan alone defends the library! He sent me to save <name>."
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Come, young one!"

Objective 12

  • Follow Elrond and Dorongúr Whitethorn

Follow Elrond and Dorongúr Whitethorn to the entrance to the halls of Edhelion.

Soon after you entered the courtyard of Edhelion, the Dourhands broke down the gate. Skorgrím and a party of dwarves ran towards the entrance to Edhelion's halls.

Elrond says, "Talagan!"
Skorgrím says, "Stand aside, Elf."
Skorgrím says, "The relics are mine!"
Talagan Silvertongue says, "Never!"
Elrond says, "Oh, Talagan...."
Skorgrím says, "What is he doing? Stop him!"
Dorongúr Whitethorn says, "Talagan! No!"
Elrond says, "Be at peace, Talagan Silvertongue."
Elrond says, "This is a sad day. I wish I returned but a few moments earlier."
Elrond says, "Talagan wished for you to be safe, <name>. And the relics are now buried with him."

Objective 13

  • Talk to Elrond

Speak with Elrond.

Objective 14

  • Talk to Elrond

Your beloved master Talagan has sacrificed himself to ensure that the relics of Edhelion did not fall into the hands of Skorgrím.

You should now speak with Elrond about all that has transpired

Elrond: 'Alas, <name> have lost your beloved master. You may blame me for his death .. I could have saved him, but he bade me go to you instead. Talagan was brave to spare your young life.
'Edhelion is ruined now...Talagan was not the only Elf to die today. Skorgrím will trouble us no more, and the relics are safely buried, but it was such a needless battle!
'Edhelion will fade....'