Quest:Instance: The Gates of Isengard

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Instance: The Gates of Isengard
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Dagoras
Starts at Nan Curunír
Start Region Nan Curunír
Map Ref [82.1S, 3.0W]
Quest Group Isengard: Nan Curunír
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"An emissary of the Rohirrim approaches the gates of Isengard, hoping to learn the true intentions of the wizard Saruman."


You have come to the very gates of Isengard in the company of one of Théodred's emissaries, hoping to discover at last Saruman's purpose for meddling in the conflict between the Dunlendings and Rohirrim.

Objective 1

Escort Ordwaer to the gates of Isengard.

Ordwaer: 'Grimbold told me that you were last seen heading into Nan Curunír, <name>, but I confess I did not expect to encounter you here.
'While I was sent alone to avoid raising the ire of Isengard, I have had a distinctly unwelcome feeling since I entered Nan Curunír, and I think I should welcome some company before I reach the gates of Isengard.'
Ordwaer says, "I can scarce recognize this vale. It was once green and beautiful."
Ordwaer says, "Some dark mood has seized the will of Saruman if he has allowed this to happen."
Ordwaer says, "Are those...trolls? Guarding the gate of Isengard?"
Ordwaer says, "No mood is this, but madness! What purpose could Saruman the Wise have for servants such as these?"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ordwaer

Speak with Ordwaer before the gates of Isengard.

Ordwaer: 'What is Saruman thinking? To yoke trolls -- ever the servants of the Dark Land -- to his cause?
'I had feared that he had some ambition to bring Dunland under his sway, but this....'

Objective 3

  • Observe Ordwaer's challenge

Observe the confrontation between Ordwaer and Saruman.

Ordwaer says, "We would speak with Saruman! Will he not come forth to speak with an Emissary of Rohan?"
Ordwaer says, "Stand fast, <name>, though I fear this may be the end of us!"
Saruman the White says, "Hold! Let our visitors be."
Saruman the White says, "There is much to occupy my attention at this time, Ordwaer of Rohan..."
Saruman the White says, "But ever shall I advise those who require the aid of my wisdom."
Saruman the White says, "So tell me the mind of your lord, Théodred, in these difficult times."
Ordwaer says, "Théodred sends his greetings and apologies for trespassing upon Nan Curunír unlooked for, but his concerns are great as war brews."
Ordwaer says, "He fears that we know not the purpose of our old friend in Isengard, and yet we see his hand in many mysterious matters."
Ordwaer says, "...and here I find a desolation as if war had already come to this vale, and servants of dark proportion in your retinue."
Saruman the White says, "Evil times have come indeed, to Isengard and far abroad. The Wise prepare for war as none can mistake the clamour of the hosts of Mordor awakening."
Saruman the White says, "When Sauron's power rises, each lord would be well advised to see to the defences of his realm, lest it be the first to fall."
Saruman the White says, "Yet while Théoden staidly sees to his house, his wayward offspring scurry about, meddling in the affairs of far estates."
Saruman the White says, "Will you not withdraw from this foolish confrontation with the unruly Dunlendings?"
Saruman the White says, "What scrap of land so concerns you when darkness gathers across the lands?"
Saruman the White says, "Do not remain on my account, for as you can see, Isengard is well defended."
Ordwaer says, "O-of course Saruman. Forgive my impudence."
Ordwaer looks shaken

Objective 4

  • Convince Ordwaer to persist

Ordwaer's nerve appears near to broken beneath the power of Saruman's voice. Speak with him and try to bolster his resolve.

Ordwaer: 'Saruman is right...if the power of Mordor is rising, we should not be here. It would be best to leave the Ford to the wild men and reinforce Meduseld...'
'You do not believe him? Surely, Saruman means to aid Rohan in this dark hour...and we see here that his strength is considerable.'
'It may be as you say, and the darkness of this place brings doubt to my heart. Do we dare trust our borders to this Wizard, who so hides his purpose behind strange and perilous guardians?'

Objective 5

  • Observe Ordwaer's challenge

Observe Ordwaer's confrontation with Saruman.

Ordwaer recovers his resolve
Ordwaer says, "Wait Saruman...we did not come looking for aid."
Ordwaer says, "We came to know your purpose, for your intercessions with the Dunlendings, and for this...the vale."
Saruman the White says, "My purpose is not to be questioned by the likes of you, Ordwaer, nor shall I reveal it to you yet!"
Saruman the White says, "But know that when it comes to fruition, these foolish wars and pointless conflicts will end, once and for all."
Saruman the White says, "And this world will once again move forward in prosperous order."
Saruman the White says, "As for Isengard, you need not fear what you see here, for it is nothing more than a tool -- a gear in a great engine to fulfil my purpose."
Saruman the White says, "There is much afoot, and I have no more time to waste in idle banter."
Saruman the White says, "Tell Théodred to return to Meduseld, for if he remains upon the Ford, even the Wise cannot foresee the outcome!"
Ordwaer says, "I...very well, Saruman. I will convey your advice to Théodred, my prince."
Saruman the White says, "Oh, one other thing, <name> not imagine that your continued meddling has not caught my eye."
Saruman the White says, "You would be well advised to return from whence you came, before you become involved in affairs beyond your ken."
Saruman the White says, "Now go!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Ordwaer

Speak with Ordwaer about his conversation with Saruman.

Ordwaer: 'I will convey Saruman's message to Théodred, and I hope that he will follow Saruman's advice, but I do not think he will.
'I fear we are destined for war, no matter which way we turn.'
'I must return to the Ford now,<name>.
'I wish you would not remain here in this forsaken place, but you have your own business to be about.
'May fortune ride with you.'