Quest:Instance: The Forbidden Pool

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Instance: The Forbidden Pool
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Anborn
Starts at Henneth Annûn
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.0W]
Quest Group North Ithilien
Quest Chain Henneth Annûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The gangrel-creature had come to the Forbidden Pool, and too close to Henneth Annûn...'


Anborn recalls the tense exchange when the gangrel-creature came unbidden to the Forbidden Pool beneath Henneth Annûn.

Objective 1

  • Listen to Anborn's tale

Faramir, Anborn, and Frodo came to the overlook of Henneth Annûn.

You should listen to Anborn's tale.

Anborn says, We are discovered. My bow is at the ready, Captain.
Faramir says, Shall we shoot, Master Baggins?
Frodo Baggins says, ...
Frodo Baggins says, No! No. I beg you, do not.
Faramir says, So you know what this thing is, I take it? Come, tell me why we should spare it.
Faramir says, In all of our long talks together, you have not spoken of the gangrel-companion, and I have let it be.
Faramir says, He has now done worse than trespass and poach in Ithilien! He has dared to come to the very door of Henneth Annûn.

Objective 2

  • Listen to Anborn's tale

Anborn and Frodo travelled down to the Forbidden Pool.

You should listen to Anborn's tale.

Faramir says, Why does he come beneath our very window, if it means his life is forfeit?
Frodo Baggins says, He knows nothing of the ways of Men, and I doubt he knows you are here.
Frodo Baggins says, But also, it is likely that he has been drawn here by some mastering desire. The lure is stronger than his caution...
Faramir says, Can he then know of your burden?
Frodo Baggins says, Yes. He bore it himself for many years. It is precious to him.
': Anborn says,' I have him in my sight, Captain. Do I shoot? It is death by law to come unbidden to the pool.
Faramir says, Not yet, Anborn. This is a more difficult matter than it seems.
Faramir says, Why should we spare him?
Frodo Baggins says, Because he is hungry, and wretched...
Frodo Baggins says, And because Mithrandir himself would have forbade it, as he forbade the Elves to harm him.
Frodo Baggins says, I do not understand why, or how, but this creature is bound to my errand in some unforeseen way... he is our guide.
Frodo Baggins says, Let me go down to him, as quietly as I can. You may shoot me if I fail.
Faramir says, Very well. Anborn, lead Frodo to the bank.
'The Halfling told of his connexion with the creature and offered to lead him to us...'

Objective 3

  • Listen to Anborn's tale

With Frodo's aid, Anborn hopes to capture Gollum at the Forbidden Pool.

You should listen to Anborn's tale.

': Anborn says,' Go quickly, and be careful. Unseen archers are poised to shoot at any sign of trouble.

Only the calls of nearby birds break the silence at the Forbidden Pool...

Sméagol says, ...But why must we trust Master? Where is the other hobbit, the rude and cross one?
Frodo Baggins says, Up ahead. Be good, Sméagol, and follow me this way.
Frodo Baggins says, If you do not come, the Precious will be very angry. In front now!
Sméagol says, What is it? Not a hobbit! Something is there!
Sméagol says, Nasssty, wicked, tricksy Master!
Anborn says, Hold still, now, or we’ll stick you full of sharp arrows!
Frodo Baggins says, Please be gentle with him! Sméagol! Trust Master, Sméagol...

'I bound the creature and blinded him with a hood lest he discover the way to Henneth Annûn...'

Completed: Instance: The Forbidden Pool