Quest:Instance: The Father of the Sutcrofts

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Instance: The Father of the Sutcrofts
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Fastred
Starts at Mead Hall of Snowbourn
Start Region Sutcrofts
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Fastred, Reeve of the Sutcrofts, stands in silence at his father's grave -- a respite from his brutal assaults against the Orcs. His grief still fresh, he wishes to speak of Dagred's life and legacy before he takes his leave to Snowbourn."


Fastred wants to speak to you of his father, Dagred, the past Reeve of the Sutcrofts.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Fastred

Fastred is standing just outside his father's gravesite with Framferth.

Fastred wishes to speak to you about his people and his father's legacy.

Fastred: 'I come here often for peace, <name>… though I seldom find it.
'The Orcs of these lands are relentless, yet… they find a far more dangerous foe in me than I them.
'You have much still to learn of my people and the troubles that come to the Sutcrofts. Come, walk with me.'

Objective 2

  • Walk with Fastred

Fastred is walking through his father's gravesite.

Fastred says, "We enter a deciding time, <name>. The order has fallen to abandon my lands."
Fastred says, "However, you know as well as I that Rohan cannot abide such a charge. The Orcs will not stop even if we do... there is no appeasing their master."
Fastred says, "We have lost so much, and yet, Éomer asks of me to forfeit all and abandon these lands."
Fastred says, "Does he think me weak? No...only a fool would make such a claim!"
Fastred says, "To suffer as we have already and then surrender to our foes... that is a show of weakness I will not endure!"
Fastred says, "Do you smell that, <name>? Orc-filth comes for us... Ready your arms!"
Fastred says, "I am certain that is not the last of them, but perhaps that filth will allow me to finish airing my thoughts this time."
Fastred says, "As I was saying, Éomer wishes me to cede control of the Sutcrofts and retreat across the Entwash with my people."
Fastred says, "That will not happen. My father, Dagred, would have never stood for such a foolhardy plan."
Fastred says, "If war is to come to my land, I shall die an honourable death at the hands of my foes before I show those wretches any quarter!"
Fastred says, "This is my father's place of rest, <name>. Let me take a moment."
Fastred says, "Father... I shall avenge you, in this you can trust. No Orc will escape my spear, my blade, or my wrath."
Fastred says, "The Sutcrofts are a lush land, <name>, but they are also a place of great loss to my people."
Fastred says, "My father, Dagred, was slain mere months ago on these fields, and it is for this reason alone I stand before you as Reeve of these lands."
Fastred says, "In years past, Éomund, father of Éomer, also met his end here...near the path to the East Wall."
Fastred says, "Regardless of my quarrels with Éomer, Éomund's legacy remains in the Sutcrofts. My father told me much of him in my youth..."
Fastred says, "My father named me after Fastred, a great Prince of Rohan. I can only hope my legacy endures as his does..."
Fastred says, "I... hold, what is this chill that rips at my heart? Something horrible has found us here... Show yourself!"
A chill fills the air as a Man in the garb of Mordor approaches...

Objective 3

Crúmgam stands at the eastern side of Dagred's Grave.

The darkening of the sky has heralded the arrival of a fierce Man of Mordor, Crúmgam. You and Fastred should confront this Man.

Crúmgam says, "Such hopeful thoughts do not suit you, Fastred, son of Dagred..."
Fastred says, "Stay your tongue, wretch."
Crúmgam says, "You will hear my words - "
Fastred says, "The voice of Mordor will not be heard in my lands!"
Crúmgam says, "Such arrogance... Fastred, you would do well to heed my warning, lest you find your ruin even more quickly."
Fastred says, "Speak, before my patience runs thin!"
Crúmgam says, "My warning is this... You shall flee these lands, and never return."
Fastred says, "You frighten me not, invader. I shall not be moved, so what then?"
Crúmgam says, "I shall bring your lands..."
Crúmgam says, "I shall bring your people..."
Crúmgam says, "I shall bring your FAMILY... to ruin!"
Fastred says, "You will never wrest the Sutcrofts from my people... Our strength shall never falter!"
Crúmgam says, "'It shall... and when it does, dread will consume you and my Lord shall reign over the charred remains of your land!"
As the last Orc falls to the ground, a moment of peace returns to Dagred's grave

Objective 4

  • Talk to Fastred

Fastred is standing outside Dagred's Grave.

Having defeated the Orcs brought to his father's grave by Crúmgam, you should return to Snowbourn with Fastred.

Fastred: 'I know not what dark mechinations that man has laid for my people, but his presence here fills me with dread.
'I am certain that his is not the last we shall see of him, but Snowbourn shall stand prepared against any terrors that come for us. In this, I shall not falter.'
Fastred: 'Come, let us allow my father his rest. Are you ready to depart this place?'