Quest:Instance: The Bloom

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Instance: The Bloom
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Corudan
Starts at Nona's Cave
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.8S, 68.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Reflecting Pool Wildermore Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Corudan says they have planted the seed of Núrzum's defeat, and we need only wait for it to bloom. Is he right? Can we trust this Ent?"


You have earned a moments rest with your friends while you wait to see if Leaflock will come through with the aid Corudan thinks you have earned.

Objective 1

  • Sit by the fire with your companions

Your companions are sitting around the fire in Nona's cave, and you should do the same. Simply sit by the fire and relax while you can.

Objective 2

  • Relax around the fire with your companions

Your companions are relaxing around the fire in Nona's cave, having earned a small, and overdue, respite.

Corudan says, , "We walked slowly forward, unsure of what awaited us."
Corudan says, , "Horn crept before us, sword at the ready..."
Corudan says, , "And suddenly a shrew burst forth from the bush, toppling Horn onto his face!"
Horn says, , "Yes, yes, it is a funny story."
Horn says, , "Master Gléowine, surely you have something else we can speak about?"
Gléowine says, , "I do have some words concerning Byre Tor. Would that be too painful for our friends?"
Elda says, , "I would like to hear it!"
Ymma says, , "I, too, want to hear of my city!"
Nona says, , "That is your answer, bard."
Gléowine says, , "Well, I suppose it is."
Gidowine says, , "A city on a hill she was, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor.r
Gléowine says, , "From far across the plains her banners we espied."
Gléowine says, , "And she was a comfort in time of pain, time of want."
Gléowine says, , "But the winter came, and with it an iron tide."
Gléowine says, , "And it was our day to comfort, our time to protect."
Glêowine says, , "From each corner of the land all would ride."
Glêowine says, , "To that city on the hill, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor."

You suddenly hear a low rumbling from outside the cave!

Nona says, , "What is that sound?"
Elda says, , "An enemy?"
Corudan says, , "A rumble from without!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Nona inside the cave

Nona has leapt to her feet, and wants to see what you think of the rumbling sound.

Nona: '<name>, what do you think makes that sound? Is it Núrzum? Has he found this cave at last? We must see what has happened outside!'

Objective 4

  • Join Nona outside the cave

You have come outside with your companions to see what has happened.

Your companions are transfixed by the sight. Only Corudan can manage the words to describe it.

Corudan says, , "They march, <name>. They march to fight Núrzum."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Corudan on the slope outside the cave
Corudan: 'Leaflock has done as we hoped he would, <name>. He has sent Huorns to seek Núrzum. Will they prevail against him? I cannot say, but I know this: my heart is stirred by their march!
'They seem so different from you or I, and from Horn or Nona, so far removed from the daily worries of Men or Elves. But still they march for us against the evil of Núrzum, against the evil of Saruman.
'Even now Leaflock and his herd have not retreated so far from Middle-earth as to abandon its people. It is worth remembering.
'It seems our friends have remembered something as well, <name>. I told you it would happen, did I not? I am certain I did.'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Corudan on the slope outside the cave
Corudan: 'We should go back inside and bring what people we can out here to see this sight, <name>. Who can say when such a marvel will be seen again?' Nona and Horn watch the Huorns march.