Quest:Instance: Thane Mildrith

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Instance: Thane Mildrith
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Ingild
Starts at Elthengels Tavern
Start Region Norcrofts
Ends with Thane Mildrith
Ends at outside Mead Hall of Elthengels
End Region Norcrofts
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 8
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Elthengels is under attack! Quickly, my friends! We must help with its defence!"


Elthengels is under attack by Orcs! You and your companions must drive them off before they sack the town.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Ingild outside the Elthengels tavern

You have run outside the tavern with Ingild, and should speak with him quickly!

Ingild: 'Orcs, <name>! Orcs are attacking Elthengels!'
Ingild looks around him hurriedly, and comes to a decision.
'The companions you travelled with in the East Wall… do they still journey with you? They seemed strong and skilled, even the Dunlending. Find them throughout Elthengels and help them drive off the Orcs!
'I must find the Thane! Mildrith must be protected!'
Ingild says, "I will go to find the Thane! You look for your companions!"
Ingild will find Thane Mildrith. You must find your companions!

Objective 2

Horn, Nona, and Corudan are each somewhere in Elthengels. Help them drive off the Orcs!

Elthengels Villager says, "Slay the Orcs!"
Elthengels Villager says, "It is horrible!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Thank you, stranger!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Defend Elthengels!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Aaaaaaaah!"
Elthengels Villager says, "I am in your debt!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Defend the village!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Drive them back!"
Elthengels Villager says, "Thank you!"
Elthengels Villager says, "The Orcs are everywhere!"

Horn: '<name>! I told you that Rohan was under constant threat by the Orcs of Mordor, and now you see it for yourself! Help me drive them off! Some have gotten to the upper levels already, but let us regain this open space for the people of Elthengels!'
  • Fight alongside Horn in Elthengels
Horn says, "Here they come!"
Horn says, "I think they have stopped for now! I will stay here to make certain."

Nona: 'The people of this town need our help, <name>. They and I have no feud, though they settled in lands that belong to my people. My fight is with their leaders, with the kings and rulers who stole from and slew my ancestors.
'But these people? Few of them know by which end to hold a blade, and fewer still can do so with any effectiveness! They need a proud Dunlending woman to show them how to fight! Let them insult my people then, after they have seen what I can do! I wager they will not!'
  • Fight alongside Nona in Elthengels
Nona says, "These Orcs are worse than duvodiad! They are Orcs, and that is enough!"
Nona says, "Their attack falters! We have success at this place! Find another!"

Corudan: 'I am glad to have my bow back, <name>, but I did not know I would have need of it so soon! My arrows will sing with my heart, truly, to rid this town of these Orcs and their Warg allies!
'Let us clear this place of them, and protect these people!'
  • Fight alongside Corudan in Elthengels
Corudan says, "They approach! Prepare yourself, <name>!"
Corudan says, "We have victory! Ensure the rest of the town is safe, <name>!"

Objective 3

  • Defeat Orcs that remain in Elthengels and then speak with Ingild outside the Mead Hall at the top of the village

You have driven off most of the Orcs, but some still remain within Elthengels. Defeat them and then find Ingild outside the Mead Hall at the top of the village.

Ingild: 'The Orcs have been driven off? That, at least, is good tidings!'

Objective 4

Thane Mildrith is outside the Mead Hall in Elthengels.

Thane Mildrith: 'Attacks by Orcs have become more frequent of late, endangering my people. Enemies are everywhere.'
Mildrith looks around suspiciously.
'It is not safe to speak here openly.'
Thane Mildrith: 'Let us go inside where we may speak more openly.'