Quest:Instance: Passage of the Marshes

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Instance: Passage of the Marshes
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Supplies
Starts at The Dead Marshes
Start Region The Dead Marshes
Map Ref [30.3S, 11.4W]
Ends with Frodo
Ends at The Dead Marshes
End Region The Dead Marshes
Quest Chain The Dead Marshes
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"The fetid swamplands stretch in all directions. Did Frodo come this way...?"


You and Frodo inch closer and closer to Mordor, but you do not trust the guide that has brought you into the Dead Marshes: the creature Gollum.

Objective 1

Frodo has slowed his pace. The Dead Marshes are taking their toll on him.

Frodo: 'This swamp is even worse than I thought it would be, Sam. I have found my feet sinking into the mud even on terrain that seems solid, and would have become quite stuck if I hadn't noticed immediately!
'I know you do not trust Sméagol, but he is the only guide we have. Without his help, could we hope to come to Mordor? I do not think it likely, Sam.'

Objective 2

  • Keep an eye on Gollum, the treacherous sneak

Gollum has bounded back to you. Your master is right: the creature has not guided you wrong... yet.

You still do not trust him.

Frodo says, "We have to trust him, Sam. He has not led us wrong."
Gollum says, "Hobbitses, hobbitses!"
Gollum says, "No time for delays! No time for wasting!"
Gollum says, "No reason to stay in nasty swampses, no reason at all!"
  • Talk to Gollum, and let him know how things stand
Gollum: 'Come, come, hobbitses! Good Sméagol knows the way through the swamp. Step only where he steps, or you will find yourself at the bottom, and no one will help you then, oh no!
'If you must go to His black country, only Sméagol can bring you there unseen. Only Sméagol! That is a bad place, yes, a bad place indeed. It would be wiser to turn back, yes it would, but you said you needed to go, and go you will, yes!'

Objective 3

  • Follow Gollum through the swamp
  • Make your way, carefully, through the swamp (press 'Insert' to toggle your more careful walk)

Gollum has bounded ahead through the swamps, showing you and Frodo the way.

Gollum says, "Gollum, gollum."
Frodo says, "The air is so heavy here."
Gollum says, "Oh, this way, this way! I remember it now, yes, yes!"
Frodo says, "Move as fast as you can through the water, or you might sink!"
Gollum says, "This way, slow-pokes!"
Gollum says, "Hurry, hobbitses, hurry!"
Frodo says, "I've finally put my finger on what's been bothering me about this swamp."
Frodo says, "I have heard no birds at all since we came into the marsh."
Gollum says, "No, no birdses. They don't fly into these landses, no."
Gollum says, "If you want snakeses, or wormses, you'll find plenty of those."
Gollum says, "But no crunchable birdses, gollum, gollum."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Mister Frodo

Frodo looks very tired. The journey through the swamp is taking its toll.

Frodo: 'How are you holding up, Sam? This is a hard land... it seems so many of the places we must journey through are hard lands! I miss my own comfortable bed, and Bag End!
'There's nothing for it, is there? We have to keep going, one foot in front of the other. Sméagol will show us the way, if we are kind to him. He was treated very cruelly in Mordor, Sam. He has been through a lot.
'I suppose that is true for all of us, now. Just keep going, that is all we can do.'

Objective 5

  • Continue the passage of the marshes

The journey through the swamp has proven to be very difficult, with no end in sight.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Gollum and keep a watchful eye on the wretch

The journey through the swamp has proven to be very difficult, with no end in sight.

Gollum: 'Step with care, hobbitses... the ground underfoot is not to be trusted, oh no it is not. Sméagol will show you where to go.'

Objective 7

  • Stay close to Gollum, and make sure he does not try anything

You are sure Gollum will try something at some point during the passage of the marshes. Stay close to him and make sure the wretch has no opportunity to cause trouble!

Gollum says, "Stay close, hobbitses."
Gollum says, "Oh no! Not this way!"
Gollum says, "Do not follow the tricksy lights, hobbitses!"
Gollum says, "Where is master? Where is nice master?"
Confound it! Where has Frodo gone?

Objective 8

  • Talk to Frodo and make sure he is all right

Frodo has wandered off by himself! You have to find him!

Frodo: 'What... what is it, Sam? Were you... were you calling for me? I felt as if I heard you from a long way off, but there was something...'
Frodo shakes his head, trying to remember something.
'There were faces in the water. I could see them by the light of the candles, I think. But how could that be? There were so many: good faces and proud faces, stern faces and evil faces too. But why?'
  • Walk with Frodo away from the water's edge
Frodo says, "I am sorry I wandered off, Sam. I don't know what came over me."
Frodo says, "Sméagol, are you all right? I am sorry I left the path."
Gollum says, "No path can help the nice master if he follows the little candles, no, no!"
Gollum says, "The marshes are filled with the Dead ones: Elves and Orcses, and Men beside them."
Gollum says, "A great battle happened, long ago, and the marsh is creeping, always creeping.
Gollum says, "No more today. Hobbitses need their rest. Time for sleepies now."
Frodo says, "Yes, I think that is a good idea. Sam, come sit beside me and we will rest."
This will be a good place to sit next to Frodo and keep watch

Objective 9

  • Sit next to Frodo and stay alert for any dangers while he rests.

Frodo has decided to catch some sleep, and wants you to sit next to him.

Use the emote: /sit
You sit next to Frodo and resolve to stay awake and alert
You feel so tired...
Stay awake Sam!
Your eyes feel so heavy

Objective 10

  • Remain awake and alert, Sam!

Try and stay awake, Sam!

Gollum says, "Sméagol can't hurt nice master. Sméagol promised!"
Gollum says, "Then don't hurt the master... he is the master of the Precious..."
Gollum says, "But what if we had the Precious? What if we were the master?"
Gollum says, "Aaaah, yes! Yes! We could be the master, yes!"
Gollum says, "Too risky here, too risky! The mean hobbit doesn't trust us, no, he doesn't!"
Gollum says, "Yes, too risky. But there is someone who could help us, help us take the Precious, yes..."
Gollum says, "Yes, yes... good idea, gollum, gollum!"

Objective 11

  • Find out what Gollum is up to, the villain!

You do not like what you overheard Gollum muttering to himself, if you did not imagine it.

Gollum: 'Nice hobbit, nice Sam, nothing to worry about, no, precious! Gollum, gollum! Did you get the sleepies you needed, did you, gollum? We needs to be moving again, yes, yes we do! No time for delays now!
'Master says we must go, so go we must, yes! Time to go, precious! Time to move!'
Gollum says, "Time to wake up, master, time to be going, yes!"

Objective 12

  • Talk to Frodo and make sure he is feeling all right.

You hate to do it, but it is time to wake Frodo and set out once again.

Frodo: Frodo blinks at you for a moment and slowly rouses from his slumber.
'I suppose it is time to set out again? I am ready to be out of this wretched swamp, and the only way for it is to get moving again, I suppose. I am very tired, Sam.'

Objective 13

  • Continue the passage of the marshes

You have to go on, even if the Dead Marshes seem to go on forever.

Gollum says, "Over here, this way! This way!"
A cold chill runs down your spine!
Frodo says, "Sam! Hide!"
Gollum says, "Oh no! Wraiths! In the sky, precious, in the sky!"
Frodo says, "Is it gone?"

Objective 14

  • Hide!

A terrible shadow approaches from high above the Dead Marshes!

Objective 15

  • Talk to Gollum, if he can bring himself to speak

Gollum is terrified, and is in no shape to go on. The frightening encounter with the terrible shadow has shaken him tremendously.

Gollum: 'Did it see us? Aaaaach! Did it see us? Winged wraiths, terrible, terrible! They see everything, precious, everything! And they tell Him all that they see, they do! Did it see us?'
Gollum is shaking, his eyes wide with the terror of the experience. He will not move for some time.

Objective 16

  • Comfort Frodo and decide what to do

How has Frodo fared?

Frodo: 'That was a Black Rider! I hoped we had seen the last of them, but I suppose that was an idle daydream. They are still searching for us.
'The Ring is so heavy, Sam. I know we need to keep going, but perhaps we can rest for a moment? Sméagol is beside himself... I do not think he will want to move for a while. Look at him! The poor creature. Not just him: all three of us! I will be glad to leave these Dead Marshes, but... just a rest... a short one.
'Then we will keep moving. Is that all right, Sam?'
Frodo says, "Thank you, dearest Sam. A short rest... and then we will keep moving."
Completed: Instance: Interlude: Passage of the Marshes