Quest:Instance: Hard Negotiations

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Instance: Hard Negotiations
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Thane Edric
Starts at Entwade Mead Hall
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [56.2S, 65.8W]
Ends with Éowyn
Ends at Edoras
End Region Edoras
Quest Group Entwade
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

In the grim aftermath of the Wade-slaught, Thane Edric journeys to Edoras to confront Éowyn on matters of honour and duty.


Following the tragic deaths of his wife and people, Thane Edric journeys to Edoras to confront Éowyn.

Objective 1

Thane Edric can be found on the stairs to Meduseld in Edoras.

You have arrived in Edoras and should now follow Edric as he seeks Éowyn.

Edric: 'It was a long ride, <name>. I hope your wits are still about you. Now, let us seek Éowyn...'

Objective 2

Thane Edric can be found outside Meduseld in Edoras.

You have ridden to Edoras with Thane Edric in search of Éowyn. You should follow Edric.

Thane Edric says, "Come, we must walk to Meduseld from here..."
Thane Edric says, "Do you know why I have brought you here?"
Thane Edric says, "No?"
Thane Edric says, "<name>, you must bear witness to the terror that befell my people."
Thane Edric says, "Only then can they understand what I must do..."
Thane Edric says, "Let us hasten to Meduseld, I tire of climbing these stairs at such a pace."
Thane Edric says, "Where is everyone?"
Edric's face betrays a seething rage

Objective 3

  • Talk to Thane Edric

Thane Edric is standing outside the doors to Meduseld.

Thane Edric is clearly overcome by his recent loss. You should speak to him.

Edric: 'Where is she? Where?!'
Edric seem oblivious to your attempts to speak to him.

Objective 4

  • Wait with Thane Edric

Thane Edric is outside Meduseld in Edoras.

Edric seeks an audience with Éowyn. You should wait at his side.

Thane Edric says, "Éowyn!"
Thane Edric says, "ÉOWYN!"

Objective 5

  • Listen to Edric and Éowyn's conversation

Thane Edric is outside Meduseld.

Éowyn has arrived in response to Edric's shouts. You should wait until Edric demands your account of the events on the road to Aldburg.

The glow of torches in the distance signals Éowyn's arrival
Éowyn says, "Stop your shouting!"
Éowyn says, "I assure you, you have my attention. There is no need for such theatrics outside the hall of the King!"
Éowyn says, "Edric? What business brings you here at such an hour?"
Thane Edric says, "I apologize for my outburst, but it is a serious matter, Éowyn."
Thane Edric says, "May we speak in private?"
Éowyn says, "I see... You two return to the hall, I know not how long this will be."
Éowyn says, "Now... what is it you wish to speak of?"
Thane Edric says, "My people were slain to the last, Éowyn."
Thane Edric says, "My wife...fell with them, butchered alongside the rest."
Éowyn says, "Edric... I am so sorry to hear such tidings..."
Thane Edric says, "I have come to report that the Wade is lost."
Thane Edric says, "Though it stands yet, what reason remains to defend it?"
Éowyn says, "The war, our history, the Eastemnet... can you not see what might still be lost?"
Éowyn says, "Edric, your grief has consumed you... I cannot help you, not like this."
Thane Edric says, "Nor did you before... you left us to die!"
Thane Edric says, "Tell me my people were not forgotten! Dare you speak that!"
Éowyn says, "I mourn for your people, Edric. Truly, I do, but you cannot believe such things!"
Thane Edric says, "The guilt lies with Théoden! I shall not forgive him simply for casting Wormtongue from his court."
Éowyn says, "It was no fault of the King! The White Hand are to blame, and you know this as well as I, Edric!"
Thane Edric says, "Only through his inaction does their blood stain the fields of Rohan!"
Thane Edric says, "And you..."
Thane Edric says, "Yours shall be the blood that stains his hands!"

Objective 6

  • Defeat Thane Edric

Thane Edric can be found outside Meduseld in Edoras.

Thane Edric has argued with Éowyn and has now drawn his blade against her. You must defeat him.

Thane Edric says, "Léoflad..."
Knowing he is beaten, Edric yields and tears stream down his face

Objective 7

  • Talk to Éowyn outside Meduseld in Edoras

Éowyn can be found outside Meduseld in Edoras.

You have defeated Edric, subduing him before his madness could inflict any harm on Éowyn. You should now speak to Éowyn.

Éowyn: 'If he spoke true, I grieve for his wife and people...
'These are dark times in Rohan, and it pains me to see our people faced with such brutality. I know not when his madness will leave him, but I shall speak of the good he and Léoflad have done for our people and she shall live on in our songs.
'I know not why he forced you to follow him here, but I am thankful that you fought alongside me.'
Éowyn: 'Come, we have more to speak of.'