Quest:Instance: Escape from Rushdurinul

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Instance: Escape from Rushdurinul
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Issuriel
Starts at Cerin Amroth
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [11.9S, 67.9W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 8
Reflecting Pool Lothlórien Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Issuriel listened to the tale of your adventure along the Secret Road into Rushdurinul, where the Orc-king Mazog was seized by the dwarves... but there was more to the story, and now she waits for you to tell it.


At the request of Issuriel, you relate the story of your escape from Rushdurinul with Mazog in tow.

Objective 1

Bróin is waiting to speak with you in the depths of Rushdurinul.

Bróin: 'It is too soon to celebrate over-much, <name>, I know; but to have come even this far is something extraordinary!
'And yet, I wonder: Mazog is of great value to the forces of the Enemy. Can it be that they will consider a trade? If we were to bring Mazog before the gates of Dol Guldur, would Gorothúl accept Mazog's life in trade for that of my cousin Bori?
'I have sworn a vow that my axe shall end Mazog's life, but if a greater good could be accomplished by his survival, becomes a more difficult question, <name>. We cannot abandon Bori now!'

Objective 2

  • Listen to the discussion of Mazog's fate

The Elves and dwarves are discussing the fate of Mazog.

Bróin says, "If we can trade Mazog for my cousin's freedom, we must do so!"
Orvar Bellhammer says, "I mean no disrespect, Bróin, but this cannot be!"
Orvar Bellhammer says, "We cannot show Mazog even the slightest mercy!"
Orvar Bellhammer says, "How many dwarves has he slain? How many of our people have died because of him?"
Bróin says, "That is enough, Orvar!"
Corunothiel says, "How many Elves and dwarves alike will suffer if Mazog is permitted to live, I wonder?"
Bróin says, "What do you think, <name>?"

Objective 3

  • Give Bróin your opinion of his decision concerning Mazog's fate

Bróin is in the depths of Rushdurinul, waiting to hear what you have to say concerning the fate of Mazog.

Bróin: 'What do you think, my friend?'
<name>: 'I agree. We must spare Mazog's life.'
Bróin: 'I knew I could count on your, my friend! You were with Bori when he was captured, after all; it must weight on you as greatly as it does on me! If only I had never brought Zigilburk forth from the darkness where it lay! Ah, but it is too late for regrets. Instead let us plan for the future: though I find it distasteful, we have no choice unless it be to leave Bori to die in torment within the dungeons of Dol Guldur, and that is no choice at all!
'Mazog will live. We will bring him to Dol Guldur and trade his freedom for that of my cousin.
'<name>': 'We need him.'
Bróin says, "Thank you, <name>. It pains me, truly it does, but we need Mazog."
Orvar Bellhammer says, "I hope you two know what you're doing."
Bróin says, "It is my decision to make, and I have made it. Come here, <name>."
'<name>': 'Mazog is too dangerous to remain alive!'
Bróin: 'How can you say this? Did you not know Bori? You were there when he was captured! You know what he must be going through!
'Do not think for a moment that I am pleased with this! Mazog is responsible for so many of our sorrows, as was his brother Bolg and his father Azog before him! But we owe Bori this! We must at least try!'
Bróin says, "I am sorry, <name>, but we must do this my way. I need Mazog alive."
Nimpheleg says, "I agree with <name>. Do not make this mistake, Bróin!"
Bróin says, "It is my decision to make, and I have made it. Come here, <name>."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Bróin

Bróin is waiting to speak with you in Rushdurinul.

Bróin: 'Take these shackles, <name>, and use them to bind Mazog's wrists. They are made of iron and should be strong enough to keep him secure as we fight our way from this place.'
Mazog says, "Bind me at your peril, <race>!"

Objective 5

  • Shackle Mazog

Mazog is in Rushdurinul. You must bind him with the shackles Bróin has given you.

Mazog: 'You think these bracelets can bind Mazog in his own domain? You are a fool if you think I cannot sunder these with even the smallest effort!
'But I will wait until you are most vulnerable, <race>, and then you will feel my hands around your neck!'
Bróin says, "Good, <name>. Come here!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Bróin

Bróin is in Rushdurinul, waiting to speak with you now that Mazog is shackled.

Bróin: 'Now we need to make our way from Rushdurinul, <name>, but I fear we have taken too long already: this place will soon be swarming with Orcs. If we hope to escape from here with our lives and that of our captive, we need someone to manage the flow of battle.
'I suggest that you accept that role. You will need to tell us what our support role should be as the battle ebbs and flows. Should we focus on improving your morale, your power, the strength of your attacks, or the fortitude of your defence?'

Objective 7

  • Use the banner to change your allies' support role

Bróin has told you how to modify the support role of your allies, by using the banner he has set up, and is waiting for you to do so.

Bróin says, "Shout your command by this banner, and we will modify our support role. Try it now!"
Provide me with morale support!
You decide you are in need most of morale. 'Provide me with morale support!' you call.
Bróin says, "Aye! Morale it is!"
Provide me with power support!
You decide you are in need most of power. 'Provide me with power support!' you call.
Bróin says, "You want me to focus on power? Very well!"
Provide me with defensive support!
You decide you are in need most of defence. 'Provide me with defensive support!' you call.
Bróin says, "My focus is on defence!"
Provide me with offensive support!
You decide you are in need most of offence. 'Provide me with offensive support!' you call.
Bróin says, "We will focus on inflicting damage!"

Objective 8

  • Protect Bróin from the attacking Orcs

The escape from Rushdurinul has begun -- you must defend Bróin from the attack of the Orcs!

Nimpheleg says, "We are out of time! Here they come!"
Mazog says, "Kill them, you miserable maggots!"
Mazog says, "You snivelling sneaks, free me!"
Mazog says, "Stop dying, you worms!"
Mazog says, "You'll pay for that!"
Mazog says, "I've got more where that one came from!"
Mazog says, "Free me, you spineless curs!"
Mazog says, "You cannot hold me! My servants are numberless!"
Mazog says, "Stop dying, you useless maggots!"
Mazog says, "I'll make you suffer for that, <name>!"
Mazog says, "Worthless worm! Can you do nothing right?"
Mazog says, "Die with shame! I would kill you myself for you futility!"
Bróin says, "Now is our chance! Let's move!"
Bróin says, "Get ready! Here they come!"
Mazog says, "Ah ha! You cannot hope to defeat my trolls!"
Mazog says, "Where is my other troll? Useless maggots, you only brought one?"
Bróin says, "We must continue onward!"
Bróin says, "We're not out of this yet!"
Bróin says, "They've somehow gotten behind us!"
Bróin says, "More from the rear!"
Bróin says, "Now is our chance!"
Bróin says, "More of them, from up ahead!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "Lord Mazog, I have brought one of your trolls!"
Mazog says, "I can't believe this! Worthless curs!"
Mazog says, "You call yourselves Orcs?"
Mazog says, "Can none of you kill these fools?"
Bróin says, "We're almost there! Once we reach Zurr-thurkh we should be safe!"
Bróin says, "We have made it, <name>!"
Mazog says, "Is that what you think?"
Bróin says, "It is too late, Mazog! You will never again rule in Khazad-dúm!"

Objective 9

  • Talk to Mazog

You have come to the entrance to Zurr-thurkh and should now ensure that Mazog's words are merely empty bluster before leaving.

Mazog: 'Rule here? You think I want to rule here? I have no desire to rule this miserable kingdom! You have no idea what is happening, do you?
'Gorothúl's master is generous to his friends. He looks out for them. He tells them things. Mine will be the greatest of his armies!
'"What reward do you desire?" Gorothúl asked of me. "Only the kingdom that should be mine," I told him. "That place will not do," he said. "My master has commanded me to draw forth the great terrors of the abyss. That kingdom will never be free of them," he said, and only fools would disbelieve his words!'
Mazog says, "You think you have defeated them?"
Mazog says, "You sent them back to the deep shadow, but still they eye the world above."
Mazog says, "They hunger to return! Gorothúl made certain they would remember the way!"

Objective 10

  • Defeat Mazog and ensure that Bróin survives

You have come to the entrance to Zurr-thurkh and should now ensure that Mazog's words are merely empty bluster before leaving.

Bróin says, "He has broken free!"
You have forced Mazog to submit
Bróin says, "You cannot escape, Mazog!"

Objective 11

  • Talk to Bróin

Despite his attempt to escape, you have forced Mazog to submit. You should speak now with Bróin.

Bróin: 'That was close, <name>, but we have managed to bring Mazog once more under control. I should have known he would have some fight left!
'One thing is certain, friend <race>: we will need to make some stronger shackles to hold our prisoner in the future!'
Bróin: 'Quickly now, before more Orcs attack, let it us take Mazog with us and leave this place behind!'