Quest:Instance: Deeper In

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Instance: Deeper In
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Golodhon
Starts at Udûn
Ends with Pippin
Ends at Udûn
Quest Chain Allegiance: Hobbits of the Company
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


You have returned with Merry and Pippin to Mordor, with the sole intent of finding the three suspicious half-orcs. The ranger Golodhon has pointed you on the way to where he believes they ought to be.

Objective 1

Merry has brought your expedition to a stop. You should hear what he has to say.

Merry: 'This is near to the place Golodhon thought they should be. They are not standing out in plain view, at any rate! I suppose the only thing is to begin looking around for them, or signs of where they have gone.'

Objective 2

  • Begin searching

You should begin searching the area for signs of the three half-orcs.

Merry shouts, "Well, come on then. Don't just stand there!"
Merry shouts, "Nothing? Then we had better keep looking, I suppose."
Pippin shouts, "No sign of them here."

Objective 3

  • Continue searching

You should continue searching the area for signs of the three half-orcs.

Merry shouts, "Look, you can see the Isenmouth from here. Not a friendly sort of gate, is it?"
Pippin shouts, "Not at all. Say, do you think we might stop here and -"
Merry shouts, "No, Pippin, this is NOT the time for a meal. We must keep moving."
Merry shouts, "But wait - what was that?"

Objective 4

  • Stop to get your bearings

You should continue searching the area for signs of the three half-orcs.

Objective 5

  • Continue searching

You should resume searching the area for signs of the three half-orcs.

Merry shouts, "This is a fair bit more dangerous than our first excursion."
Merry shouts, "Well, nevermind. Let's keep going."
Merry shouts, "Look sharp!"

Objective 6

  • Continue searching
Pippin shouts, "I say, what's that there?"

Objective 7

You should talk to Pippin and find out what he thinks he has seen.

Pippin: 'Just look what I've found. Over there, between those rocks. Boot marks -- and they're too soft and narrow to be Orc-feet, by my reckoning.
'Come, let us see where they lead.'

Objective 8

  • Follow the footprints

You should follow the footprints that Pippin discovered and see where they lead.

Pippin shouts, "I say, what's that there?"
Merry shouts, "And look, there is a whole trail of them!"
The prints lead ever onward and upward
You have found the three half-orcs again!

Objective 9

  • Confront the half-orcs

You have found the three half-orcs again. Join Merry and Pippin and try to get some answers out of them.

Pippin shouts, "You three. Why, we have got words with you."
Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Ar har har! What's this, then? Halflings in Mordor?"
Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Well don't that beat all. All done up like menfolk, too."
Merry shouts, "I'm warning you. You will tell us about the pipeweed barrels in Isengard, and the Wizard, and what you meant about the halflinglands?"
Pippin shouts, "Or you shall have a taste of our blades!"
Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Har! Or sell you three to the Red Eye, more like, along with the news we've got."
Pippin shouts, "Look out!"
Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Aauugh!"
Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Run away! Save yourself!"
Merry shouts, "A Troll!"
Defeated Enraged Troll

Objective 10

  • Talk to the dying half-orc

The half-orc who was struck by the Troll has some life yet in him. You should speak to him now and see what you can learn.

Suspicious Half-orc: 'Bah! That's done me in, I know it. And you lot. So you found some barrels in Isengard, did you? That isn't the half of it. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha...'
He devolves into pained coughing for several moments.
'There's plenty more where that came from, in your precious shire. That land is good undefended, it is. Ripe for the plucking.'

Objective 11

You should talk to Pippin and Merry.

Suspicious Half-orc shouts, "Guhhhh..."
With that, the half-orc expires
Pippin shouts, "Oh, Hobbit-kind is not so easily cowed, as your Wizard will find out the hard way. Oh, why if isn't enough to -- to -- hrrrrrm...."
Merry: 'Poor fellow. He will not be dearly missed by anyone, I suppose, not even his craven comrades. I cannot say that I am satisfied, but I think we have done all we could this day. It is time we headed back.'
Pippin: 'Those - those weren't answers. those were riddles. Riddles that would drive even old Bilbo mad!'
Pippin: 'Merry is right, of course. We are done with Mordor for now. Perhaps for good. Let us get going then, before anything else unpleasant can happen!'