Quest:Instance: Attack on Zudrugund

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Instance: Attack on Zudrugund
Level 65
Type Fellowship
Starts with Radanir
Starts at Nan Laeglin
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.4S, 16.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Reflecting Pool Enedwaith Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Attack on Zudrugund
"Once more we put our trust in Ergothorn and travel with utmost haste to Zudrugund. Will we find there a band of Uruks, as he says, or a time-wasting detour?"


If Ergothorn can be trusted, a warband of uruks marches on Zudrugund from the south, with orders involving Nâr that could endanger the errand of the Grey Company.

Objective 1

You have come with Radanir to Zudrugund in pursuit of the uruk-band.

Radanir: 'We are here and not much behind the uruks, if that is their foul stench I sense on the air! The other Rangers who came with us will approach from the other slope, and we will rejoin them when they have scouted the heights.
'For now let us continue and defeat whatever uruks have stayed behind to define their way back down the mountain!'
  • Fight alongside Radanir as you climb toward Zudrugund
Radanir: 'Continue upwards to Zudrugund, <name>! Find Candaith along the path furthur ahead and help him fight the uruks!'
Radanir says, "If these uruks are like others I have seen, some will be stationed between us and the summit!"
Radanir says, "It is as I said! To battle!"
Radanir says, "We have done well, but do not let down your guard!"
Radanir says, "Who is there? I can hear you sneaking about!"
Radanir says, "That is all of them. Make your way further up the mountain and find Candaith on the way!"
Grishgúk Archer says, "What do you think the boss wants with him?"
Grishgúk Warrior says, "It don't matter what I think. Boss wants him, boss gets him."
Grishgúk Archer says, "If that's enough for Núrzumgrat, that's enough for me."
Grishgúk Warrior says, "Good. We Grishgúk know our place. Boss'll remember that and reward it."

(If you wait a little while):

Grishgúk Archer says, "I'm bored. I thought there would be fighting."
Grishgúk Warrior says, "There'll be fighting enough if you don't quit annoying me."
Grishgúk Warrior says, "All right, now I'm bored too. I could do with a good fight."

Objective 2

  • Fight your way furthur up the path and talk to Candaith

Candaith is further up the path to Zudrugund.

Candaith: 'There are uruks furthur up the mountain! I have heard some of their talk, and they call themselves the Grishgúk. Their leader is called Núrzumgrat, and it sounds like he has come to the summit! We must fight through these uruks, <name>!'
Candaith says, "From above!"
Candaith says, "There is a great troll ahead! Keep climbing the path and defeat it!"

Objective 3

Núrzumgrat has left a mighty troll to defend the span below Zudrugund. It must be defeated if you are to reach the top.

Candaith: 'You must defeat the Defender of the Span if we are to come to Zudrugund!'

If you completed Halros Should Go, Halros will stand at the base of the bridge:

Halros: 'We have to do something about this troll, <name>! The Defender of the Span keeps us from Zudrugund, where Nár and Frithgeir must be in mortal danger!'
You have defeated the Defender of the Span
Halros says, "That did it! The bridge is ours!"

Objective 4

  • Fight your way up the path to Zudrugund and talk to Calenglad

Now that the Defender of the Span is defeated, you can approach Zudrugund, where the leader of the uruks confronts the dwarves.

Calenglad: '<name>! This way! The uruks are at the summit! We have to do something, and quickly!'
  • Fight alongside Calenglad and confront the Grishgúk Uruks. Calenglad must not be defeated
Calenglad says, "This way! To Zudrugund!"
Núrzumgrat says, "Unless you want the same as that fool Ranger, you'll tell me where Nár is!"
Frithgeir says, "I told you! I don't know where he is!"
Frithgeir says, "And if I did, I wouldn't tell you!"
Calenglad says, "Hold, uruk!"
Núrzumgrat says, "Ah, more Rangers to slay! What a pleasing day this has become!"
Núrzumgrat says, "Take them!"
Nár says, "What is this commotion?"
Frithgeir says, "Uruks, Nár!"
Nár says, "Uruks? Let me get my axe!"
Núrzumgrat says, "If this is to be my end, I will finish as many of you rats as I can!"
Nár says, "Ha ha! I am ready!"
Calenglad says, "It is over. But what of Corunir?"
Corunir says, "I...I am fine. I am merely winded. I am...glad you arrived...when you did!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Nár outside Zudrugund

Nár is outside Zudrugund, and you should speak to him now that the uruks are defeated.

Nár: 'Ha ha ha ha! That is how you slay an uruk! But where is Thráin? He would want the honour of defeating the leader of this band, and it was wrong of us to deprive him of it!'
Corunir: 'I will be well enough after a short rest, <name>. Help me to my feet and inside Zudrugund. I have something I need to tell you about Nár. He was acting peculiarly before the attack.'