Quest:Instance: At the Stone of Erech

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Instance: At the Stone of Erech
Swearing on the Oath-stone.jpg
Level 65
Type Session Play
Starts with Candaith
Starts at Nan Laeglin
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.4S, 16.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 3
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

At the Stone of Erech
"In the Second Age of Middle Earth, Isildur called the Men of the Mountains to the hill of Erech to discuss their loyalties...."


Candaith is telling you the tale of the Oath-breakers and the Paths of the Dead.

Objective 1

You are Iarvund, a soldier of the young Kingdom of Gondor, come to the Hill of Erech with your friend Urcheneb to serve your master Isildur.

Urcheneb: 'This is the place, Iarvund: the Hill of Erech. You stayed behind at the encampment when our lord was last here, but I was in the party that wrestled the Stone to the summit. Several days of toil, true, but I can think of no better way to mark the escape of Númenor's sons from the deluge.
'Seeing the forest we came through from this great height gives me a greater appreciation for its beauty, and I forgive its branches the many scratches we sustained! This new Kingdom of Gondor is a beautiful land indeed; may it stand evermore!
'This way, Iarvund! Isildur has gone ahead, and we must not let our lord wait on our arrival!
  • Follow Urcheneb up the hill
Urcheneb says, "To the summit, Iarvund!"
The Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor were still in their infancy.
Isildur knew he would need allies if Gondor was to flourish.
Urcheneb says, "There were people in this land before we escaped to these shores."
Urcheneb says, "Isildur wishes to gain their trust and their loyalty."
Gondorian Soldier says, "Hail, Urcheneb! Long may Gondor thrive!"
Urcheneb says, "Long may it thrive!"
Urcheneb says, "There he is, Iarvund. Speak with him while I catch my breath a moment."

Objective 2

Isildur is standing by the Stone of Erech, waiting to speak with you.

Urcheneb: 'Look at the Stone up there, Iarvund. It will stand here long after we are gone. I feel it in my bones.
'Or perhaps I feel the aching memory of the countless men and horses used to haul it to the summit!'
Isildur: 'Iarvund, is it? Yes, I thought so.'
Isildur looks about expansively, admiring the view from the summit.
'This has been a year of toil, Irvund. But in moments like this, breathing the clean air and looking out over the forests of this Middle-earth, I can almost believe that this is home.'
Isildur called the Men of the White Mountains to treat with him at Erech.

Objective 3

  • Wait for the Men of the Mountain to arrive.

Isildur has asked you to look for the Men of the Mountain to arrive from the north slope of the Hill of Erech.

Isildur and his trusted soldiers have come to Erech and now wait the arrival of the Men of the Mountain.

Isildur says, "Do you think they will come, Iarvund?"
Isildur says, "We have peace, for now. But if Sauron returns we will need allies."
Isildur says, "We need the allegiance of the Men of the Mountain. Will they grant it?"
Isildur says, "Look for them from the north slope of the hill, Iarvund."
King Rioc says, "We will judge them as they are and know their strength. But silence now."
  • Look to the north for the arrival of the Men of the Mountain
At last they approached: a small group of men and their king.

Objective 4

  • Witness the meeting between Isildur and the Men of the Mountain

The men of the Mountain have arrived. Will they now swear the oath of allegiance to Isildur?

At last they approached: a small group of men and their king.
King Rioc says, "You are the son of Elendil the Tall? You are the one called Isildur?"
Isildur says, "I am."
King Rioc says, "I am Rioc. I am the King of the Mountain."
King Rioc says, "Why have you called us to this place?"
Isildur says, "The Kingdom of Gondor is young, but already you have seen sign of its strength."
Isildur says, "From over the sea we have come, bringing with us majesty undreamed of in Middle-earth."
Isildur says, "We desire your friendship. Gondor can provide you with great store of knowledge and power."
King Rioc says, "Understand this, Isildur, son of Elendil."
King Rioc says, "When my sworn men were young, traders told them tales of the great land beyond the sea."
King Rioc says, "Now the men of that place have sprung forth, as if from legend."
King Rioc says, "They erect mighty towers and great cities. They perform wonders!"
King Rioc says, "I could no more prevent my men from revering yours than I could keep the sun from rising."
Urcheneb says, "My lord Isildur does not ask for your reverence! He asks for your sword-arms!"
Isildur says, "Be still, Urcheneb!"
Isildur says, "The forces of Sauron are scattered and leaderless, but it has been so before."
Isildur says, "Will you swear an oath to fight against him, should he return?"
King Rioc says, "I will swear it on this very stone, this sign of the might of Númenor's sons."
King Rioc says, "On this stone, I swear that I and my people will stand with you and fight against Sauron..."
King Rioc says, "...should he return."
It was done. The allegiance of the Men of the Mountain was secured.

Objective 5

The King of the Mountain has sworn to fight against Sauron should he return to Middle-earth, and in return his people will have the aid of Gondor.

Britou: 'There is a great deal we can learn from you and from the Kingdom of Gondor. We are now brothers, are we not? The bond of our oath will tie us together, and let our shared enemies tremble! Gondor and the Mountain!'
Bodúan: 'King Rioc has led us for these many years, and his word is hewn from stone like that of the Mountain itself, with roots as deep. Let Sauron show himself again, at his peril! He would dare it not, when confronted with we Men of the Mountain and you, the sons of Númenor and now Gondor!'
King Rioc: 'At this moment, there are none in this land more proud than I, King Rioc of the Mountain. There is so much our people can learn from each other, and by sharing our strength, we will be stronger for it. Your lord Isildur was wise to reach out to us, and we are honoured to have been called to this place.
'Should Sauron return, he will face our combined might and be fearful!'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Urcheneb

Urcheneb and Isildur are on the summit of Erech.

Isildur: 'It is a good day, Iarvund. Gondor will be strong, but she will be stronger with allies, and this night, she will have more than she had this morning.'
Urcheneb: 'What a day this has been, Iarvund! We must learn from Isildur's example: do not undervalue the worth of our alliances! It would be easy to look upon the wonders of Gondor, even this early in its life, and think we can conquer any enemy.
'But Sauron is conniving, and if he does somehow return, as Isildur fears, we will be glad for the strong warriors of the Mountain.'

Objective 7

  • Listen to Candaith continue the telling of the tale.

Many years passed, and a shadow fell upon the Kingdom of Gondor.

The years passed, and the shadow grew again in Middle-earth.
No word came from Garth Lotheg, a fortress in Gondor.
Isildur gathered a force of men to investigate.

Objective 8

Many years passed, and a shadow fell upon the Kingdom of Gondor.

Dorwë: 'Beriadar, this is terrible! Look what has happened to Garth Lotheg! This is the reason we have heard naught from its defenders... they are slain and the fort taken!
'How could such evil have come to Gondor without our knowledge?'
Dorwë says, "Isildur, what do we do?"
Isildur says, "You know what we must do, Dorwë."
Isildur says, "We will fight our way inside and reclaim this fort for Gondor!"
Dorwë says, "Aye! For Gondor!"

Objective 9

  • Talk to Isildur

It is as Isildur feared. Garth Lotheg has been besieged by Orcs, and its defenders slain.

Isildur: 'This is the work of Orcs, Beriadar. You and Dorwë come with me. We will fight our way into the fort while the rest of our band approaches Garth Lotheg from the flank. They will rue the day they spilled Gondorian blood on our soil!'
  • Fight alongside Isildur into Garth Lotheg. [FAIL IF] Isildur and Dorwë must not be defeated.
Isildur says, "Beriadar, Dorwë, this way! You others circle the fort and approach from the flank!"
Isildur says, "The Orcs must have assembled these war machines in the shadow of the cliffs."
Isildur says, "The defenders sealed the doors, and the Orcs settled in for a long siege."
Isildur says, "But this was not a long siege."
Isildur says, "Prepare yourselves!"
Isildur says, "These Orcs are different than those others we have seen this year, Beriadar."
Isildur says, "Something drives them."
Isildur says, "What sorrow has taken this place! We will scrub it from the walls and slay every Orc!"
Isildur says, "A troll!"
Isildur says, "The drums are getting louder. Ready yourselves, friends!"
Isildur says, "Their ranks thin! Press onward, soldiers of Gondor!"
Isildur says, "We have come too late to save these people, but we will make these Orcs pay for every one!"
Isildur says, "The deluge comes! Their waves will crash and die upon the rocks of Gondor!"
Isildur says, "We are victorious, if anything this day can be called a victory!"
Isildur says, "Beriadar...look at that idol the Orcs have erected. Tell me it is not what it seems to be."

Objective 10

The Orcs have erected a disturbing idol in the centre of Garth Lotheg.

It was the evidence Isildur hoped not to find.
Sauron had returned.

Objective 11

  • Talk to Isildur

Isildur is in the centre of Garth Lotheg, waiting to speak with you about the disturbing idol of Sauron the Orcs erected there.

Isildur: 'We know what this means, Beriadar. It means that these Orcs are not leaderless, but were given purpose by Sauron their master.'

Objective 12

  • Listen to Candaith's story continue

Candaith is continuing the story of Isildur and the oath of the Men of the Mountain.

And so Isildur summoned the Men of the Mountain to Erech to fulfil their oath.

Objective 13

  • Talk to Dorwë

Isildur has returned to the Stone of Erech to summon the Men of the mountain, but they have not yet arrived.

Dorwë: 'It does not look good, Beriadar. The Men of the Mountain should have been here by now, but they have sent no word and made no appearance.
'I have never seen our lord Isildur like this. It may be best for King Rioc if he does not come at all.'
  • Follow Dorwë to the summit
Dorwë says, "Still no sign of them."

Objective 14

  • Talk to Isildur

Isildur is at the summit by the Stone of Erech, waiting for the Men of the Mountain to arrive and fulfil their oath.

Isildur: 'Our wait has ended, Beriadar. King Rioc and some of his people now climb to the summit. They are late, but their support against Sauron will excuse them their tardiness.'

Objective 15

  • Wait for the Men of the Mountain to arrive

King Rioc and the Men of the Mountain have come to Erech, summoned by Isildur to fulfil their oath.

At last, they approached.
Isildur says, "I expected you earlier than this, Rioc. And why have you brought so few men?"
King Rioc says, "We have not come to fight for you. Your strength is nothing before that of Sauron."
Isildur says, "What are you saying, Rioc? You swore an oath to fight against Sauron!"
But the Men of the Mountains refused to fulfil their oath.
They had worshiped Sauron in the Dark Years and thought they would be rewarded.
King Rioc says, "You do not frighten us. Sauron will crush your kingdoms as he has before."

Objective 16

  • Support Isildur as he curses the Men of the Mountain for their refusal

The Men of the Mountain have arrived, but they have refused to honour the terms of their oath.

Gondorian Soldier says, "I will kill you!"
Isildur says, "Hold."
Isildur says, "Death is too good for you, Rioc."
Isildur says, "You will be the last king of your people."
Isildur says, This curse I lay upon you and all your folk: never to rest until your oath be fulfilled."
Isildur says, "You will not know the restful sleep of death."
Isildur says, "You will not know a day without the regret of your broken oath!"
Isildur says, "This war will last for uncounted years, and you will be summoned again before its end."
Isildur says, "Now GO! Leave this place! My words will follow you for your restless eternity!"
They fled before him, his curse echoing in their ears.
They fled to their homes in the mountains, but they could never escape Isildur's curse.

Objective 17

  • Talk to Isildur

Isildur is at the summit of Erech.

Isildur: 'I did not believe the whispers, Beriadar. I thought Rioc's people would be as good as their word, they it seems the rumours were true: They worshipped Sauron in secret during the Dark Years, and now he has returned they cast their lot with him.
'Standing here upon Erech, I look from the height and see for a great distance, even into the years ahead. Know this: my words on Rioch were not empty. This war will last for countless years, and if Gondor defies Sauron, Rioc's people will be summoned once more before the end.
'They will never know peace until they have fulfilled their oath. This I vow and let all bear witness to it.'
And It is said they linger still, hungering for the rest they shall never have.