Quest:Instance: An Omen from the East

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Instance: An Omen from the East
Level 73
Type Solo only
Starts with Doron
Starts at Ost Celebrant
Start Region Great River
Quest Group Parth Celebrant
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"While confronting the treacherous brigands and Oath-breakers of Ost Celebrant, you have discovered a concealed passage that reeks of dread. What horrors could be lurking beneath the crumbling ruins?"


With Doron's guidance, you have discovered a passageway under Ost Celebrant. Doron bids you to enter and confront the Easterling invader.

Objective 1

  • Explore the ruins under ost Celebrant

Doron hopes to find the Easterling invader among the crumbling tunnels of Ost Celebrant. Explore the ruins and try to uncover his whereabouts.

Eye-sworn Brigand says, "Hey, you! I hear you sneakin' about!"
You notice strange banners adorning this hall, but there is no sign of the Easterling

Objective 2

  • Search the ruins for the Easterling

You have uncovered a room decorated with strange banners and trinkets that fill you with dread. While you do not see the Easterling, you believe him to be nearby.

Suddenly, a voice rises through the air behind you

Objective 3

The Easterling, Maraz, has revealed that he drove the brigands into serving his brotherhood, and that he and his people seek to crush Rohan beginning with Parth Celebrant. He must be defeated before his plans can come to fruition.

Maraz says, "Well...I am hardly surprised that you stand here before me. These grave-robbers are weak and soft - they lack the resolve that my benefactors seek."
Maraz says, "They believe they were chosen by the Eye to serve. Such fools...they are merely a tool of my people."
Maraz says, "Still, they delayed you long enough."
Maraz says, "These men you aid are beyond helping. They would sooner fight amongst themselves than against a foe."
Maraz says, "My people will engulf this land in terror and when at last the dark shadow of our master falls upon this realm, both Rohan and Gondor shall fall!"
Maraz says, "Neither you, the impotent fools upon the field, or these pitiful Gondorians will stand in our way!"
Maraz says, "You only delay your fate! Submit!"
Maraz says, "An empty victory...your doom rises in the East..."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Doron

Doron can be called to your side with the horn you carry.

Doron: 'the Easterling is vanquished and our search is at an end, but this man brings grim tidings for the days to come. If his people are truly as strong as he claims, the Horse-lords have much to fear.
'Come, let us depart. You must bring word to your allies immdiately.'
Doron: 'The day is ours. Let us leave this foul place.'