Quest:Instance: A Meal in Cormallen

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Instance: A Meal in Cormallen
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Pippin
Starts at Tham Periain
Start Region Tham Periain
Quest Chain Allegiance: Hobbits of the Company
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


You have gone down with Pippin and Merry to Cormallen, to share a meal with Sam and Frodo, who have been spending their days there.

Objective 1

  • Approach the table

You should approach the table, where the four hobbits have already begun.

Frodo shouts, Come now, Sam! Sam shouts, But really, what was in it? Merry shouts, Nothing at all but a-- but a-- bit of wax. Sam shouts, Ha ha, peculiar indeed!'

Objective 2

Pippin wishes to speak to you

Pippin shouts, "There you are, <name>! At last!"
Frodo shouts, "You are most welcome here among us, friend."
Pippin: 'Don't worry, <name>, we didn't wait to start eating. Or making merry. Still, I am awfully glad you are here to join us. I don't think we are in any danger of running short on food or drink, for that matter.
'Sit down and have some, please!'

Objective 3

  • Eat or Drink
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

You should join in the meal and partake of the food and drink laid out on the table.

Frodo shouts, "Oh, don't you mind Pippin. We saved a place for you, and that is what truly matters."
Merry shouts, "True, Pippin never has had any manners."
Pippin shouts, "As if you were one to speak!"
Merry shouts, "Ah, but where were we, again?"
Pippin shouts, "Sam was just telling us of the many lavish gifts he has received."
Sam shouts, "Come now, Mister Pippin!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Sam
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

You should hear what Sam says for himself.

Sam: 'They weren't as lavish as all that, as you put it, and besides, less than half were mine, truly, but only gifts Mr. Frodo refused. He has taken not a one gift, has he, though ever so many have been laid at his feet these days.
'But tell us, Mr. Merry, about this hidden house they have built for us, and what a palace it is, or so I've heard tell.
Merry shouts, "It very nearly is a palace, Sam, though it was only restored and not built afresh. Still, it is something of a marvel, wouldn't you say, Pippin?"
Pippin shouts, "Nor is it very far off. You must come and join us there soon!."
Pippin shouts, "There are rooms for both of you. I... may have gone quite over the top readying them for you."
Merry shouts, "There are kitchens and gardens and baths, open air bits and quiet nooks."
Sam shouts, "Well now, this is something I really must see!"

Objective 5

  • Eat or Drink some more (0/2)
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

You should help yourself to some more food and drink while the four friends talk.

Frodo shouts, "Ha ha, and so this is what's kept you so busy and away from here so long?"
Pippin shouts, "Well that... and we have been into Mordor."
Frodo shouts, "Pippin! Please tell me that you are joking."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Merry
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

Hear Merry's reply to Frodo.

Merry: 'No, and not much has come of it, as I will tell you if you will stop frowning so sternly at me for a moment and listen. I confess, when first we set our hearts on seeing Mordor it was a foolhardy lark. We were thinking only of the treasure chests Bilbo was said to have returned with, and seeing what we had not yet seen. But that is not at all what we found.'
Merry goes on to describe the two encounters with the half-orcs, the riddles they let drop, and all that followed in the hopes of unravelling them.
'And so, you see Frodo, We have had a proper adventure of our own, in the end.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Frodo
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

Listen to Frodo's answer to the complaint.

Frodo shouts, "No, I see you are not."
Frodo shouts, "All the same, you must promise me you will not go into Mordor again."
Pippin shouts, "Ah, but don't you see? The mystery is unsolved! Are we not to see our own adventures to their conclusions, too?"
Frodo: 'No, Pippin, I am being quite serious. Those clever arguments might work on Aragorn or Gandalf, who do not see things quite at our level, as it were -- but it is me to whom you are talking. The time of hobbits going into Mordor should be done, I think. In fact, I have been thinking a great deal about how the time of our adventuring is coming to an end.'
Sam shouts, "Coming to an end? How do you mean, Mr. Frodo?"
Frodo shouts, "What I mean, Sam, is that it will soon be time to turn our gaze homeward; to think less of There and more of Back Again."

Objective 8

  • Eat or Drink some more (0/3)
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

You should help yourself to some more food and drink while the four friends talk.

Pippin shouts, "You are right of course, Frodo, but could you do so with a little more sunshine?"
Merry shouts, "Well then, let us drink to turning homeward -- and to sunshine far from shadow!"
Frodo shouts, "But really, you must promise me."

Objective 9

  • 'Talk to Pippin
  • Enjoy the hobbit's company

You should hear what Pippin says to Frodo.

Pippin: 'Ah, you do see into our hearts, Frodo, as only a hobbit and an old friend could ever do. Well, you have my word then. Yours too, Merry? Good. Neither of us shall go back into Mordor during our stay in Gondor.
'But if the riddle of those squinty fellows drives me to jibbering, it will be on your conscience!
Frodo shouts, "Ha ha! Nor will it be the first thing, friend."
Pippin shouts, "Certainly not, considering you gave Bag End to the Sackville-Bagginses!"
Sam shouts, "My poor old Gaffer. I shudder every time I think of it, I do!"

Objective 10

  • 'Completed