Quest:Instance:A Commanding Knock

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Instance: A Commanding Knock
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Borhador
Starts at The Crossing Hall
Start Region Ringló Vale
Map Ref [72.2S, 49.5W]
Ends with Borhador
Ends at Ethring
End Region Ringló Vale
Map Ref [72.2S, 49.6W]
Quest Group Ringló Vale
Reflecting Pool Central Gondor Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Loud noises from outside the Crossing-hall require Borhador to seek your aid and quell his fear of an orkish invasion."


Borhador hears a loud noise outside and want you to investigate as he fears the a cave troll has come for him.

Objective 1

Borhador heard sounds coming from outside the hall.

You should speak with Borhador.

Borhador: 'You hear it, too. The sounds grow with each passing minute. I fear the town is under siege! My time has come. This is surely the end of days!'
Borhador begins to weep.
'Leave my hall. It is to be my tomb!'

Objective 2

  • Leave Borhador and face whatever is pounding upon the walls of the Crossing-hall

Leave Borhador and face whatever is pounding upon the walls of the Crossing-hall.

Borhador says, "Quickly now!"
The sound gets louder, rattling the doors

Objective 3

  • Let the events transpire

Let the events transpire.

The townspeople of Ethring band together to overthrow a rampaging cave troll
Borhador says, "It is as I feared! The trolls have come for me"
Borhador says, "They throw themselves at this beast?"
Laerind says, "The beast weakens! Make every blow count!"
Candúr says, "One more swift blow!"
Authest says, "You shan't invade our town!"
Cave-troll Stone-thrower says, "Hate you! Raarrgh!"
Candúr says, "Great work!"
Authest says, "We did it!"
Laerind says, "Arvaethor will be proud of us all for this deed."
Borhador says, "My people have protected Borhador the Old."

Objective 4

  • Speak with Borhador

Borhador stands outside the Crossing-hall.

You should speak with Borhador.

Borhador: 'I saw strength in my people today and the strength of this Vale. How did I not see it before?'
Borhador: 'This day has given me strength.'
Completed: Instance: A Commanding Knock