Quest:In Their Absence, Chapter 3

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In Their Absence, Chapter 3
Level 65
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Tulip Grubb
Starts at Northcotton Farm
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.4S, 73.9W]
Ends with Bounder Boffin
Ends at Northcotton Farm
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.9S, 68.0W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This Thadúr seems to be a pretty terrible creature, <name>, and he has a band of goblins to do his bidding! He seems to have given them phials of the Darkthorn poison, so it will be no easy task to make your way into the rear of the farm. Go through these doors and follow the path to Thadúr...and good luck!

'It's up to you, <name>! Teach this ghastly fellow a lesson!'


You have rescued the hobbitnapped hobbits from the Northcotton Farm, and now Tulip Grubb believes she knows what caused the disappearance.

Objective 1

Tulip Grubb told you about an evil-looking creature named Thadúr at the end of the path through the doors behind Tulip. He seems to be the creature responsible for the deadly Darkthorn poison.

You and your allies need to defeat Thadúr before he can bring any more trouble to the Shire.

Thadúr the Ravager says, "Welcome, my friends. I bid you witness the poisoning of all those wretched halflings!"
Isenbard Bolger says, "Oh my! Do be careful. That icky cauldron is about to pour into the well. Please destroy it soon!"
Isenbard Bolger says, "Oh dear! Hungry hobbits have found their way in and are heading for the pies! Go over and slap them out of it."
Hungry Hobbit says, "The sweet, sweet smells of delicious pies call to me."
Isenbard Bolger says, "Look out! The fire is starting to cause the pot to boil over! Take a bucket of water and douse the fire!"
Thadúr the Ravager says, "The cauldron boils...I hope you enjoy its bounty!"
Thadúr the Ravager says, "You have destroyed my cauldron, but you shall still feel my wrath."
Thadúr the Ravager says, "Battle... Shadow... and Plague... all have returned! Many will die at Tirith dan Forduath!"
Isenbard Bolger says, Hooray! Thank you for saving me and the Shire!"
Bounder Boffin says, "Oh me! Oh my! What a time this has been!"

Objective 2

Bounder Boffin is inside the Northcotton Farm.

You have defeated Thadúr the Ravager, and Bounder Boffin is eager to speak with you about your victory on the Northcotton Farm.

Bounder Boffin: 'Good job, <name>! That Thadúr fellow won't be bothering us anymore!
'I do wonder about his last words, though. What did he mean by battle, shadow, and plague returning? And where is Tirith dan Forduath? I've never heard of it and can barely even say it!'