Quest:In Their Absence, Chapter 2

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In Their Absence, Chapter 2
Level 65
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Bounder Boffin
Starts at Northcotton Farm
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.9S, 68.0W]
Ends with Tulip Grubb
Ends at Northcotton Farm
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [22.4S, 73.9W]
Quest Group In Their Absence
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My assistant, Tulip Grubb, has gone further into the farm in search of the four missing hobbits. If you do see any sign of them, be sure to tell Tulip. Keep your eyes open for any clues! Were those good folk hobbitnapped?

'There's something very strange going on here in the Northcotton Farm, that's for sure!'


Bounder Boffin is concerned about the disappearances happening in and around the Northcotton Farm and wants you to investigate.

Objective 1

Bounder Boffin's assistant Tulip is somewhere further inside the Northcotton Farm, and it could be the missing hobbits are as well.

Bounder Boffin has asked you to search for the missing hobbits inside the Northcotton Farm.

Bounder Boffin: 'Look for the missing hobbits inside Northcotton farm, <name>! Once you've found them, find my assistant, Tulip. She's gone ahead to investigate.'
Andy Boffin says, "Thank you so much for saving me from this dreadful place."
Andy Boffin says, "A few days ago, my friends and I smelled something delicious coming from this old farm."
Andy Boffin says, "So we found a way into the farm and searched for the succulent aroma."
Andy Boffin says, "What did we find but tasty pies!"
Andy Boffin says, "After one bite, we found that they were not tasty at all."
Andy Boffin says, "I woke up several hours later trapped here. Could you find and save my friends?"
Andy Boffin says, "I found this key...maybe it will be of use."
Gladiola Farmer says, "My Goodness, you are quite brave indeed. Thank you for saving me."
Gladiola Farmer says, "My Heroes! While falling prey to that dreaful pie, I heard a raspy voice talking to some goblins."
Gladiola Farmer says, "He said something about having something special in store for the Shire."
Gladiola Farmer says, "Goblins then began to drag in a horrible cauldron and place it above a well."
Gladiola Farmer says, "Mercy me, please stop this horrible creature. Here is a key I found...maybe it will be of some use to you."
Crystal Bolger says, "Oh goodness me! Thank you for vanquishing those horrible wolves."
Crystal Bolger says, "After falling victim to one of those most dreadful pies, I awoke in the muddy boars' wallow."
Crystal Bolger says, "Luckily, these beasts were otherwise occupied with the goblins while I scurried up this tree."
Crystal Bolger says, "Sadly, I have been here for some time, and I am ever so hungry."
Crystal Bolger says, "I will wait up here until you brave folks go dispatch those scary goblins."
Crystal Bolger says, "Oh! Here is a key I found, maybe it will be of some use."

Objective 2

Tulip Grubb is somewhere within the Northcotton Farm.

You have rescued the missing hobbits and should now find Bounder Boffin's assistant, Tulip Grubb, who came into the farm to investigate.

Tulip Grubb: '<name>! You've saved the hobbits! I did not believes I could free them myself, but I was able to stealthily speak with each of them before you came to their rescue, and the stories they whispered to me were very familiar! Crystal Bolger, up in her tree, spoke of a delicious smell that drew her to the farm, and Gladiola said something similar. Andy Boffin said the smell began so deliciously, but turned so foul when he approached that it knocked him out with the power of its stench.
'I held my nose shut with one hand, and though my eyes watered furiously, I investigated the main farmhouse. There's an evil-looking creature back there, <name>, and I think it was he who brewed that terrible poison! I think he was using it to lure hobbits into his trap, and Isenbard Bolger is still missing! That creature must still have him captive.
'He muttered to himself almost constantly, and it seems that his name is Thadúr, and his poison is called Darkthorn. You've got to stop this evil creature, <name>, you and your friends! You've just got to!'