Quest:Horns for Battle

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Horns for Battle
Level 80
Type Solo
Starts with Offram
Starts at Eaworth
Start Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [47.1S, 63.9W]
Quest Group Entwash Vale
Quest Chain Eaworth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, the aurochs-ivory you brought me is of great use. Our guards and warriors will have need of battle-horns as we enter the terrible siege.

'Take this ivory to the supplier's workbench outside the Mead Hall and craft some horns. You will also need fastenings and leather bands. Rymenhild in the northern part of the city can provide the fastenings. The leather you will need to collect may be found near the Vendor Hall.

'When you have crafted the battle-horns, deliver them to the guards throughout the city, then return to me.'


Offram is decidedly pleased with your hunting prowess and your offering of meat, hides, and ivory. He has more tasks for you.

Objective 1

Offram has provided the ivory you need. Rymenhild can be found in the northern part of Eaworth. Leather can be found near the Vendor Hall in Eaworth.

Offram wants you to collect the ivory, fastenings, and leather needed to craft battle-horns for the guards of Eaworth.

Rymenhild: 'Indeed, I can provide the fastenings you need. If these horns will aid in our defence, I do so gladly!'
Collected metal fastenings from Rymenhild

Objective 2

  • Craft battle-horns for the guards of Eaworth

The Quartermaster's workbench is outside the Mead Hall of Eaworth.

Offram asked you to take the materials you collect to the Quartermaster's workbench and craft battle-horns for the guards of Eaworth.

Objective 3

The guards can be found throughout the city of Eaworth in the Entwash Vale.

Offram asked you to deliver the battle-horns you crafted to the guards of Eaworth.

Rilbert: 'Guarding the outskirts of the city like this with no battle-horn was a frightening thought…my thanks!'
Críba: 'Thank you, friend…I did not relish standing guard out here wiht no way of sounding the alarm!'
Botulf: 'Ah, thank you, <name>. This will see much use during the siege, I am certain.'
Inwóna: 'This horn is a great boon, <name>. Thank you!'
Darmod: 'I thought it unwise for Lady Tóla's guard to be without a means for calling for aid. Thank you!'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Offram outside the Vendor hall in Eaworth

Offram stands guard outside the Vendor Hall in Eaworth.

You should let Offram know that you have delivered the battle-horns to the guards of Eaworth.

Offram: 'Your assistance has been most welcome, <name>! Thank you.'